EXCLUSIVE: 'This Is Us' Star Jon Huertas Reveals the Craziest Miguel Fan Theory He's Ever Heard!

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There are some pretty crazy This Is Us theories out there!

Every Tuesday, the NBC dramedy tugs on our heartstrings and tantalizes us with clues from the Pearson family's past, and this week's episode was no exception. In addition to a gut-wrenching Jack (Milo Ventimilgia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) Valentine's Day fight, fans were also given a glimpse to another side of Jon Huertas' mysterious character, Miguel.

We know that in This Is Us' past timeline, Miguel was Jack's best friend, and in the future he's Rebecca's second husband -- but what's the most outrageous fan theory about his romantic transition? "That Miguel killed Jack," Huertas revealed with a laugh to ET's Nichelle Turner on Wednesday.

Not to worry, Jabecca fans -- Huertas assures us this is one theory that is definitely false. "What kind of show are you watching? This isn't some murder mystery!" the 40-year-old actor said.

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While Jack's death and Miguel's relationship with Rebecca still remain a mystery, Huertes confessed that the fandom's kneejerk hate for Miguel was difficult to process at first.

"As an actor, you want people to like your character, you want to make him likeable because people then root for you. So yeah, there was a bit of kind of a jolt at the beginning," he admitted. "I didn't mind people not liking Miguel at first or not understanding what the relationship was. It makes it exciting to come to work and help tell that story."

But after this week's episode, it appears that hearts everywhere have begun to soften towards Miguel thanks to his sweet, advice-packed chat with Kevin (Justin Hartley).

"With family, you always do see some part of the kids in their parents or vice versa. You see shared qualities and those live on once the parent dies," he explained. "I think that it’s true. How can Miguel not see that in all three of the kids at some point? I'm glad Miguel was able to say that to Kevin and you saw it hit Kevin."

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Looking ahead, Huertes is hopeful that Miguel and Kevin's bond will continue to grow. "I'm actually excited for the potential of a really tight [relationship]," he dished. "Were they tight at some point or did something happen? Or where do they go from here? Do they get even tighter? I'd love to explore that because Miguel and Kevin have this budding relationship, but Jon and Justin, we have a relationship. We're super tight, like, I love that dude."

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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