EXCLUSIVE: Watch Julie Bowen Freak Out on 'The Price Is Right' for Celebrity Charity Week

The Price Is Right is getting major star power starting Monday for their Celebrity Charity Week.

The Price Is Right is getting major star power starting Monday for their Celebrity Charity Week.

Jack Black, Jane Lynch, Wilmer Valderrama, Chris O'Donnell and Julie Bowen will be participating for a good cause next week, and ET's Leanne Aguilera stopped by the set to see how they were doing.

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"It's incredibly anxiety-producing. I've been shouting and jumping for the last hour," Bowen admitted. "It was stressful. When you're picking between a two and a three, and the difference between someone winning a car or not winning a car? Oh my gosh! I need to rest. I need to rest now!"

Host Drew Carey explained how the rules of the special week work, saying, "Different celebrities come on and they play along with the contestants and we match their winnings dollar for dollar and give it to a charity of the celebrity's choice."

And Carey couldn't have been more pleased with the enthusiastic group of stars the show got to work with this season.

"We only want people who are going to absolutely authentically lose it and be as happy as they can," Carey said.

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Bowen definitely filled that requirement and she was thrilled to use some of her shopping skills to use.

"There was one game in particular I really feel like I did it," Bowen said. "Like, I helped the contestant win that game. Some of the other games, it was just suggestions, but I really feel like there's one -- I won't say which one -- but it's now my new favorite game."

The Modern Family star will appear on Feb. 23 to support Planned Parenthood, and she opened up about why she chose that organization in particular.

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"Planned Parenthood, it's just really important," Bowen said. "It is health care for men and women, and it is low-cost, and it is so important, and it is not just something to be vilified. It is something to be supported, so I am 100 percent in favor."

Now in its 45th season, The Price Is Right is the longest-running game show in television history and is still network TV's top-rated daytime series.

The game show holds a special place in Aguilera's heart as well. Before becoming a reporter for ET, she was a contestant!

"I won the showcase showdown on the spring break edition when I was a college junior," Aguilera reminded Carey. "I really embarrassed myself in front of you."

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"No," Carey said with a smile.

"Oh, trust me. I did," Aguilera said.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS.