Kelly Ripa Claims Stephen Colbert Got Her in Trouble at Son's School

Turns out, the 'Late Show' host's children's book is only suitable for adults.

Turns out, Stephen Colbert's children's book, I Am A Pole (And So Can You!), is only suitable for adults.

Kelly Ripa appeared on Wednesday's Late Show, and shared with the CBS host that his 2012 book got her in some hot water with her son Joaquin's school teacher a few years back. The Live! host explained that her son brought in I Am a Pole to be read at school, but it was deemed "not appropriate for 9-year-olds."

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The spoof children's book is about a pole trying to find his purpose in life. Ripa quipped that the teacher took issue when the pole "interned as a stripper pole" but "couldn't stand the grind."

"They have to learn somewhere, Kelly," Colbert quipped. "We ease them into adulthood."

When the late-night host attempted to apologize, Ripa responded, "This is still the greatest school memory we have, because nowadays parents are so careful. They're so good at parenting, and I became that mom."

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Ripa's son will turn 14 on Friday, and the family has big plans for his birthday, which includes an ice cream cake and air softing, a hobby Colbert and his two sons know all too well. "It's like BB guns that you're supposed to shoot at people," he explained.

Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos' oldest son, Michael, recently went off to college, and his dad shared with ET the kind gesture he received from the freshman. "I went back and visited New York last week, and he took me out for dinner," he said in October. "Truth be told, the money he paid, you know, with dinner, I think we gave him that money... [but] he reached into his pocket, which I think is a great, great habit to have."

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