EXCLUSIVE: Corinne Olympios Says She Was Slut-Shamed on 'The Bachelor,' But Has 'No Regrets'

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Corinne Olympios made headlines for her "sex charm" this season on The Bachelor -- but she's not apologizing.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Miami native at the dating series' "Women Tell All" taping on Friday, where she opened up about the slut-shaming she's experienced because of her "promiscuous" behavior on the show, and said that she wouldn't change a thing.

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"People saying that I used sex or my sexuality to get roses is just stupid," Olympios revealed. "I know I definitely was a little bit promiscuous, but it's a TV show, so it did look a little more promiscuous and a little bit more heightened. But you know, I did what I did and you know, no regrets."

"Honestly, the whipped cream thing was kind of a spur of the moment… like, 'Aw, this is funny.' People took such offense to that, like, calm down. It's really not that big a deal. It's really not," she said. "I will admit it did look a little bit more promiscuous than I thought it would, but I'm sorry, I don't know, I'm human."

"I think that maybe I was a little bit slut-shamed, but come on, if there's no sexual attraction then just don't even bother," she shared. "To all you women out there, take that advice."

"Going on the show takes a lot of guts," Olympios added. "If you're going to do it, go big or go home, baby!"

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Olympios definitely took that saying to heart, concluding her time on the show with an epic limo monologue about how she's "done trying to impress" men.

"I feel like us women sometimes put our men so high up on a pedestal, and we forget how worthy we are to be put up on a pedestal, and you know what, it's my turn," she explained. "I feel like I'm not going to settle, no settling. Unless you're going to treat me like I deserve to be treated, you're out!"

"I just want a man that's going to always, always, always, support me in whatever I set out to do," she continued. "Even if I fail, I want him to be there to pick me up, and be like, 'Babe, let's try something different, you got this, you're amazing, don't let it get you down.'"

"I mean, come on. I'm the most emotional, intelligent [person] there is!" she said, describing herself as "sexy, confident [and] strong."

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While things didn't work out with Nick Viall, Bachelor Nation was quick to "ship" Olympios with another Bachelor baddie, Chad Johnson. ET caught up with Johnson earlier this month, where he revealed the he had "texted" Olympios, and the two met up a week later -- though the blonde beauty says there's no relationship to report.

"Chad is a very nice guy. I mean we just shared a few quick words, and um, you know it was kind of in and out real quick…You know, he's a very nice guy," she said, explaining the two engaged in a "three minute conversation."

"I am single," she declared definitively.

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As for whether Olympios will be looking for love this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, she said she's "not sure yet."

"I'm really not sure. I haven't even been asked yet, and I don't know what I would do if I was asked," she revealed, though she sang a different tune about the possibility of being Bachelorette down the line.

"That'd be really amazing, but who knows, you never know what they're going to do," she explained. "Of course I would do it, it's an amazing opportunity for anyone who gets asked."

While Olympios' Bachelorette status remains to be seen, the 24-year-old says there's a good chance we'll see her on the small screen again soon.

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"Having a reality show has definitely been a very serious talk of the town, so we will see," she said, before touting her other projects in the works. "I'm also starting a clothing line, which is going to be super cool, super great, I think everyone's going to love it. So I'm working really hard, and putting my heart and soul into it. And I can't wait to release it."

And as the season's most quotable contestant, Olympios no doubt has lots of material for merchandise.

"Making America Corinne again has been very, very successful and I think America loves Corinne, and I'm very glad because I love Corinne too," she said, adding that women everywhere can make America Corinne again too.

"Just [by] going throughout your daily endeavors, just being yourself, and you know, taking those bold chances, and moves to get where you want to be in life. Because if you just sit around and wait, nothing's going to happen," she advised.

Truer words have never been spoken.

ET also spoke with Viall himself about saying goodbye to Olympios. Find out why he says he sent her home in the video below. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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