EXCLUSIVE: 'The Flash's Grant Gustin Spills on Barry and Iris' Big Romantic Milestone: 'It's Really Sweet!'

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WARNING: We're about to spoil a huge romantic surprise from this week's all-new episode of The Flash! If you do not want to know what happened or you have not watched the episode, leave now -- but we suggest avoiding the telepathic gorillas…

Iris West might have a flashy new ring on her finger!

At the very end of this week's episode of The Flash, "Attack on Central City," Team Flash successfully defeated Grodd (again!) and to celebrate Barry decided to pop the question to Iris in one of the sweetest TV proposals we've seen in a long time.

ET caught up with series star Grant Gustin earlier this month on the show's Vancouver set, where the TV superhero shared his initial reaction to Barry's proposal to Iris after the chaos of Grodd's attack.
"I thought it made sense and it makes sense that it comes when it does," he shared. "And then, obviously, it's Barry Allen so then he just went full out -- like candles and rose pedals everywhere in their home."

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"It's really sweet because it's not too over-the-top and I like what Barry talks about," he continued. "He's giving a really detailed story about where the ring came from that had belonged to his mom and just the whole story behind it, which I thought was a really sweet thing to focus on for a proposal."

In the couple's new loft, Barry got down on one knee and pulled out a dazzling three-stone diamond ring, explaining to Iris that it once belonged to his great grandmother. "After my mom passed away, Joe held on to this for me -- until tonight," Barry told his stunned girlfriend. "Iris West will you marry me?

The episode ended before fans could hear Iris' response, but The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confessed that having Barry propose is a key turning point in this season.

"We really wanted these Grodd episodes to really matter," Kreisberg explained. "He's not just our everyday villain. He's one of the biggest villains we have and these episodes are impactful, so we really wanted them to have gone through this crazy adventure and have it really have changed them -- and really changed Barry."