Kate McKinnon Plays Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump, Mocks Kellyanne Conway in New 'Saturday Night Live'


McKinnon mocked the embattled attorney general during the sketch show's cold open.

Saturday Night Live
came back from their two-week break swinging, with a cold open mocking U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions' recently revealed connections to the Russian government.

Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of the 70-year-old veteran politician, dressed as Forrest Gump and sitting on a bus bench with a box of chocolates and talking to random people who sat down next to him.

"I always say life is like a box of chocolates," McKinnon's Sessions said to a waiting bus passenger played by Leslie Jones. "Sure are a lot of brown ones in there!"

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Sessions, with his Gump-like Alabama drawl, opened up to every new person who sat beside him on all the different issues he's faced in the past week, starting with the recent controversy surrounding Kellyanne Conway, who was criticized for a photo showing her casually sitting on an oval office couch with her legs tucked under her.

"She ain't got no legs," Session said of Conway as he held a copy of the much-mocked photo. "We're about as close as peas and carrots. She's the best talker you've ever heard. They say she could sell stink to a skunk."

As the sketch continued, McKinnon seemed to be on the verge of breaking with nearly every new line, but managed to keep her laughter in check.

Soon, discussions turned to Sessions' (and other key White House staff members') ties to Russian intelligence, and after being a little too open with the different people, one of the last passengers who got off a passing bus was a shirtless Vladimir Putin (Beck Benett).

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"This meeting never happened," Putin said.

"I wasn't gonna remember it anyway," Sessions said as the pair fist bumped.

After Putin walked off, the night's host, Octavia Spencer, came over to talk with the Attorney General. Spencer, who was reprising her Oscar-winning role from The Help, talked to Sessions about the negative letter Coretta Scott King wrote about him 30 years ago.

She also presented him with a pie she baked herself, with the same digesting secret ingredient as the infamous pie from her movie.

McKinnon didn't just mock Conway in the cold open -- she managed to sneak in subtle jabs by donning her familiar Conway makeup and recreating her casual sitting stance in several commercial interstitials throughout the night. It was like a game of Where's Waldo?, but with McKinnon's Conway.

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