EXCLUSIVE: Erika Girardi Tears Up After Emotional Breakthrough With Mom on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'


Erika Girardi is getting back to her roots on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

ET has your exclusive first look at Tuesday night’s all-new episode, which finds Erika back home in Georgia with her mom, Renee Chahoy. The pair visit Renee’s parents’ final resting spot, seemingly Erika’s first time at the gravesite.

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“This makes it very final, to come see this,” she says to her mom. “Don’t you miss them?”

“Of course, I do,” Renee admits. “But, see, I talk to them every day.”

“I really didn’t want to cry today,” Erika confesses, tears welling up in her eyes.

“You didn’t cry when you were a kid, either,” her mom offers.

That’s when Erika tells her mom she treated her like an adult a lot when she was a kid, before the scene cuts to a confessional, where Erika adds that Renee was “hard on me” as a child. In another sneak peek of the new episode, the “XXpen$ive” singer adds some context, saying Renee “was raising me how the world was treating her.” 

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“I think it was all with good intention,” she says. “And a little bit of impatience, and a little bit of being a single mom, and a little bit of being overwhelmed.”

“But it made you a tough ol’ bird, didn’t it?” Renee offers back at the memorial.

“I get accused of being cold, ‘cause I don’t cry,” Erika replies.

“My mom, sometimes, was so trusting and so open, you know, and she got hurt a lot,” Erika shares in a confessional. “I remember, my mother was in a purple polo and navy shorts. She was sitting in our den, and she was crying, so devastated and so hurt that this man had left her. And I remember, in that moment, looking at my mother saying, ‘I’ll never be like that. I’ll never f**king be that weak.’”

“Being raised like that, I have very little patience for crybabies,” she adds, “and people I feel need a lot of support and hand-holding. It makes me not like them.”

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“For my mother to admit that she was hard on me meant the world, really,” Erika continues. “And it kind of confirms the fact that what I thought was happening was really happening. I really was being treated that way.”

Erika’s so-called “coldness” has, of course, been confusing for a few castmates over her two-season stint on RHOBH -- notably Dorit Kemsley, who will bring up Erika’s guarded nature once again this week. That seemingly kicks off a build up of tension between the ladies, leading to more tears from Erika later this season.

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