EXCLUSIVE: 'The Bachelor's Corinne Olympios Got All the Closure She Needed at 'Women Tell All'

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The Bachelor
's "Women Tell All" was oddly cathartic for Corinne Olympios.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with this season's villain-turned-fan favorite at the show's taping in Los Angeles, where she opened up about what it was like seeing Nick Viall for the first time after their tear-filled goodbye.

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"I definitely said everything I wanted to say. I think it went really well and I'm very happy with the outcome, so no regrets, all good," she shared before noting that actually speaking with Viall was "shocking."

"Seeing Nick tonight was definitely a little bit shocking. I mean, we had just had a really good hometown date…things went really well [and] I think we had one of the best ones, so be sent home so abruptly after that was a little bit shocking, but I think I got my closure tonight," she explained. "I'm good."

Olympios also got closure with another Bachelor cast member, Taylor Nolan -- after the two went head-to-head on "The Women Tell All."

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The two famously feuded throughout the season, after Nolan gave Olympios a lesson in "emotional intelligence" and Olympios called Nolan a "b*tch." While the 23-year-old mental health counselor sought an apology from Olympios for her behavior, the blonde beauty seemed to have brushed up on her reverse psychology, instead eliciting an apology from Nolan.

"I'm not one to hold grudges. Yes, right now, I held a grudge to you, because I felt very, very attacked by you for no reason at all, and you know what, I just don't think it's fair the way that you spoke to me," Olympios told Nolan during the taping, once their heated battle died down. "You're going to have your opinion on it, and my heart was hurt from that conversation, and you told me that you wouldn't want to be my friend."

"I said I didn't necessarily think that you'd be someone that I would befriend outside of this, and I apologize for saying that, because I was in the wrong in saying that," Nolan conceded.

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"Thank you," Olympios casually replied.

"My relationship with Taylor, you know, whatever, it's dead, it's done," she later told ET backstage. "There's no turning back right now. But, you know, I just feel it's very sad that she felt the need to play the victim here when she put a woman down on the show so early in the game, and didn't even get a chance to get to know me first, for no reason. I wouldn't put her down for no reason."

As for criticism that she drank too much -- Olympios fabulously interrupted the "Women Tell All" taping to get a glass of champagne -- Miss Platinum vagine isn't worried about it.

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"I was not drunk on the show all the time. There were times where we were all a little bit, you know, tipsy. But I was never drunk on the show where I didn't know what I was doing, or anything like that. Like, come on, come on," she insisted.

"To all the accusations that were brought to me tonight, grow up, grow up," she added. "We're fighting for a fiancé here, and they're worried about naps. Naps!"

Olympios had a similar message for her online critics.

"My message to them, is that, 'Listen, I'm sorry that I did something to make you that upset, but I can't make the world happy,'" she said. "I wish I could, but I can't."

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See more from ET's interview with Olympios -- including whether she'd do Bachelor in Paradise -- in the video below.