'The Walking Dead': Morgan Is Back to His Murderous Ways -- Here's What Set Him Off!

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WARNING: If you have not watched this week's episode of
The Walking Dead, READ NO FURTHER! For everyone else, count your cantaloupes and lets do this...

Carol finally found out the truth about what happened in Alexandria on Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead -- but not before Morgan lost his sh*t!

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With a tap tap of his bloody staff on Carol's front door, Morgan told Carol everything -- including how he just killed Richard. Yes, the man who decided to kill no more is back to his murderous ways.

"I killed Richard, I strangled him. He's the one who got Benjamin killed. So do you want to know what happened in Alexandria?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah," Carol replied, finally ready to hear the truth after Daryl lied to her during his last visit.


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"Negan killed Glenn and Abraham," Morgan said. "Beat them to death with a baseball bat. Now the Saviors have Alexandria and Rick and everybody else , everything they do is for the saviors now. And they killed more. Killed Spencer. Olivia. Jesus won't reckon the rest here because Rick wants to fight them."

"You wanted to know," he continued. "Now you do."

So Carol knows the truth, Benjamin is dead, and Morgan killed Richard, but what exactly pushed him to his breaking point? Here's how it all went down:

Richard, who we all know has been trigger happy to start a war with the Saviors, plotted an elaborate cantaloupe-related plan to sacrifice himself in order to make King Ezekiel realize that their arrangement with the Saviors couldn't last forever.

Unbeknownst to the Kingdom, Richard staged a road block on their way to a 12 cantaloupe exchange with the Saviors, hiding one single cantaloupe as the group went to clear the path. 11 cantaloupes didn't exactly fly well with the Saviors, who promptly shot Benjamin (not Richard) in retaliation, allowing Morgan's protege to bleed out and later die in Carol's living room.

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Morgan, of course, stumbled upon the missing cantaloupe and quickly put the pieces together -- and during the group's next exchange with the Saviors, he (violently) killed Richard right then and there. So long, Richard!

Morgan then went to Carol to tell her everything, who then went to Ezekiel, who agreed to fight -- but "not today."

So "not today," but maybe next week? Tune in to The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC to find out.

ET caught up with TWD's executive producer Greg Nicotero last month, who dished all about the "brutal" Savior war to come. 

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