'This Is Us': 19 Moments Where Jack and Rebecca Were #RelationshipGoals

We miss the good ol' days.

The first chapter of This Is Us is almost over!

NBC’s breakout hit wraps up its freshman season on Tuesday with the anticipated season finale, titled “Moonshadow,” and things aren’t looking so hot for beloved couple Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore).

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In the latest episode, Jack heeded the advice of a 15-year-old  daughter, Kate, stepping behind the wheel -- after having a few beers -- and making the two-hour trek to Cleveland, Ohio, where Rebecca’s first concert of a five-city tour (which happened to include an ex-beau) was kicking off, all in a last-ditch effort to fix his marriage.

Who knows what lies ahead for the couple in the immediate future, but one thing’s for sure: The honeymoon period is over.

Because we here at ET are all about Jack and Rebecca’s happier days, we’ve compiled the best of their most romantic and sweetest moments from the first season.

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1. A very pregnant Rebecca doing the birthday dance for a very naked Jack. (Episode 1)

2. Jack giving Rebecca her coveted moon necklace. (Episode 2)

3. Jack vowing to be a "12" for Rebecca. (Episode 2)

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4. Jack calming Rebecca down in the most Jack way possible. (Episode 3)

5. Rebecca promising to never to abandon the kids. (Episode 3)

6. Jack and Rebecca having a quiet moment at the pool with the kids. (Episode 4)

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7. Jack and Rebecca adorably watching the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Episode 5)

8. Jack and Rebecca conceiving Kevin and Kate on the night of Super Bowl XIV. (Episode 5)

9. Jack dreaming big about starting his own company and Rebecca supporting him. (Episode 6)

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10. Jack and Rebecca being cute during a night of laundry. (Episode 7)

11. Jack saving Thanksgiving for Rebecca and the kids. (Episode 8)

12. Jack can’t roll his tongue, but Rebecca can! (Episode 9)

13. Jack and Rebecca discovering the Big Three loves Stevie Wonder. (Episode 12)

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14. Jack and Rebecca getting excited about their vision of the future. (Episode 12)

15. The family watching home footage Jack shot of Rebecca pregnant with The Big Three. (Episode 12)

16. Jack and Rebecca trying not to get emotional over Randall’s birthday party. (Episode 13)

17. Jack and Rebecca’s wedding day at City Hall. (Episode 14)

18. Jack surprising Rebecca by bringing her back to their first apartment. (Episode 14)

19. Jack and Rebecca rereading their vows. (Episode 14)

This Is Us
airs its finale Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Watch a sneak peek from the final episode of the season below.