'This Is Us' Boss Shares NSFW Text Exchange With Milo Ventimiglia About Finale: 'They're Gonna Riot'

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We’re only hours away from the This Is Us finale, and the cast and crew are counting down the final episode of the season.

This Is Us
creator Dan Fogelman shared a hilarious (and very NSFW) text exchange he had with series star Milo Ventimiglia, who plays beloved patriarch Jack Pearson, after the 39-year-old actor read the finale script for the first time.

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“My text exchange with @MiloVentimiglia after he read tonight’s finale,” Fogelman tweeted Tuesday, alongside a screenshot of their text chain from late January.

“Just read it,” Ventimiglia wrote Fogelman in his original text. “Holy f**k, Dan. This is gonna be heartbreaking and beautiful.”

“People are gonna go crazy. Excited to see what you guys do w it!” Fogelman wrote back.

But Ventimiglia seemed to be rendered speechless at the final season one script.

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“Insane,” he texted back, before agreeing with his boss that fans’ reactions were going to be enthusiastic, to say the least, and making a bold prediction. “Think you’re right. They’re gonna riot.”

Fogelman also joked about misspelling Ventimiglia's last name, adorably admitting that he didn't realize until just now when a fan pointed it out.

Ventimiglia retweeted Fogelman’s screenshot of their conversation on Tuesday, writing, “Yeah that was how it went down.”

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Take a deep breath guys, it’s going to be OK … is it?

Last night, Ventimiglia dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he implored fans of the show to focus on how Jack lived, instead of the fact that he’s dead in the present day.

"The one thing that you do know is Jack is dead, and everybody's fascinated with knowing how, and when and why," Ventimiglia said, teasing that fans “maybe” will get answers to Jack’s death in the finale. "The thing that I keep thinking about, or keep talking about to people is, worry about how he's living -- why he's living. Those are the moments. You don't want to focus on death. You want to focus on his life."

Easier said than done, my friend!

ET spoke with the actor earlier this month at NBCUniversal press day, where he echoed that he didn’t want fans to seek out clues to how Jack died.

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"I think people need to put away their desire to know and be satisfied with that, and know that it's coming," he explained. "It could be the next episode. It could be the second to last episode. It could be a ways away."

This Is Us
airs its finale Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Watch ET’s exclusive interview with Ventimiglia for more.