'This Is Us' Finale: What Does the Future Hold for Jack and Rebecca Now? 7 Biggest Theories

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Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s finale of This Is Us. If you have, read our full recap.

The mysteries just keep coming on This Is Us.

The NBC hit's first season wrapped with a gut-wrenching finale on Tuesday night, with everyone’s favorite couple, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), agreeing to separate after their lingering marital problems finally became too much for them to bear.

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However devastating it was to see Jack and Rebecca part ways -- hopefully only temporarily -- it was Jack’s parting words to his wife that left a lasting impression, and raised many more questions about what the Pearson parents may go through in This Is Us' second season and beyond.

“You’re not just my great love story, you are my big break,” Jack told Rebecca as he prepared to leave the house he made into a home. “And our love story, I know it may not feel like it right now, I promise you it’s just getting started” -- the final line a throwback to Jack and Rebecca’s wedding vows.

It’s an interesting note for Jack and Rebecca’s story -- as well as the show's breakout freshman season -- to leave off on. Could this be a hint that the couple's love story isn’t really over just yet? (There are at least two more seasons left, after all.) Is this a reminder to the audience that the ride is just beginning?

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Following the finale, we compiled some of our most interesting theories on what may lie ahead for Jack and Rebecca.

1. Jack will attempt to win Rebecca back.

This doesn’t seem like a far-fetched possibility, considering how resigned Jack looked when Rebecca suggested they spend some time apart. Given that Jack was so insistent on not following in his father’s footsteps (aka becoming an abusive drunk, constantly making the wrong choice), this would be the farthest from his dad he could get. And for Jack’s sake, we hope it happens -- especially before he dies.

2. Jack and Rebecca go to therapy.

Things were left relatively open-ended between Jack and Rebecca in their final scene from the finale, and though they’re no longer together, it would be a mature way to handle their current marital issues.

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3. Jack and Rebecca get back together.

Is it only a matter of time? If they do rekindle their romance, it may have to come with several new caveats and ground rules for the estranged couple to make their relationship stick this time around. But we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a return to happy Jack and Rebecca moments!

4. Jack and Rebecca start to date other people.

This would truly be upsetting for Jack and Rebecca fans, but we’re just imagining the potential storylines that could await them should this come to fruition. Think about the new characters Jack and Rebecca could be interacting with, and the potential for even more surprising connections to the past we may not have known about before.

5. Jack and Rebecca divorce.

An imminent divorce was one of our early theories about why Jack wasn’t around in the present day (before his death was revealed), and it’s curious that they didn’t use the “D”-word when they agreed to separate.

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6. Rebecca starts dating Miguel.

We know that eventually Rebecca and Miguel become a married couple in the present day, but could their initial coupledom happen sooner than we think? It’s clear from the remarks that Miguel has dropped here and there that he has an eye for Jack’s wife, so it wouldn’t be a true shock.

7. Jack’s drinking gets worse.

Could Jack resort to becoming more like his father and less like the man he had been working toward? Could Rebecca be turning into her biggest fear: her mom, who sat idly by as her father watched football? It’s unclear whether Jack and Rebecca’s split will make Jack’s drinking worsen as a result, but it’s entirely feasible -- and frankly, depressing -- for Jack and Rebecca to fall down the trap and become their parents.

What are your theories on what lies ahead for Jack and Rebecca? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @etnow!

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