EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Metz Reveals What Her Boyfriend and 'This Is Us' Has Taught Her About Love

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Chrissy Metz is still learning plenty about herself when it comes to love.

ET spoke with the 36-year-old This Is Us actress at the show's finale event red carpet on Tuesday, where she talked about how her views on romance have changed thanks to working on the often heartbreaking NBC drama, as well as her handsome real-life boyfriend, cameraman Josh Stancil.

"Everybody that comes into our lives are like the teacher or the student, and sometimes we're both in one particular relationship," Metz tells ET's Lauren Zima. "I mean, I love romance and I've always, like, loved love. The show, of course, helps with that because Jack and Rebecca's love is so beautiful and pure, so, you know, I've learned a lot about myself."

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As for what her boyfriend in particular has taught her, Metz admits she can be a handful!

"Yeah, I'm like... 'Oh...I do that... I shouldn't do that...'" she jokes. "I'm hard work sometimes."

As for what's next when it comes to her character Kate -- who wants to take on a singing career at the end of Tuesday's season finale -- Metz says Kate's now at a place where she wants to "challenge herself."

"I think that's part of the purpose of us being here, is we get to evolve, and to follow our dreams and so it's really exciting, because I think she’s now at the place where she wants to learn more about herself and challenge herself," she explains.

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