Mandy Moore Responds to Fans Unhappy With 'This Is Us' Finale: 'Sometimes We Don't Get the Answers We Want'

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Mandy Moore
has words of advice to disappointed This Is Us fans following Tuesday’s season finale.

The 32-year-old actress posted a lengthy message on Instagram on Wednesday, addressing some viewers’ concerns over not learning the answer to how Jack died. In the final episode of the season, a not-so-sober Jack made it to Rebecca’s show in Cleveland, Ohio, and later, the couple agreed to separate, presumably close to or around the time Jack’s death occurred -- though no additional clues were presented.

“For those somehow frustrated with the finale now revealing how Jack passed, I would encourage patience. Otherwise you might be watching the wrong show,” Moore wrote on Instagram the day after the finale, alongside a sweet snap with her co-star, Milo Ventimiglia.

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Moore asked fans to take a step back and look at the larger story of the Pearsons, instead of nitpicking one detail of it -- albeit, a pretty significant part of their family history.

“Last night was fundamental to the bigger picture,” she continued. “The story deviated and ultimately landed on (I think) a more compelling question… what was the state of this relationship in the end? And as Milo so eloquently stated, let’s focus on how the man lived!”

“Stay tuned cause it’s all leading somewhere and we’re just getting started,” Moore ended the note, referencing Jack’s sweet final speech where he harkened back to their wedding vows.

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Moore also took to Twitter to quell fans’ anxiety over the lack of answers regarding Jack’s death.

“Sometimes we don’t get all the answers we want,” she tweeted. “Patience. That’s the kind of show we’re making and I couldn’t be prouder.”

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With the season officially over, Moore took a moment to praise Ventimiglia, who she lovingly referred to as her “partner in crime.”

“I stand in awe of this friend of mine,” she wrote, referring to the 39-year-old actor. “He is the ultimate partner in crime and he absolutely knocked it out of the park on every level in last night’s finale. Can’t believe we have 18 [episodes] behind us and at least 36 [more episodes] ahead, Mi. Wow.”


Moore and Ventimiglia spoke to ET following the heartbreaking finale and broke down why Jack and Rebecca’s split may be just what the couple needed.

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“I think they needed a break. Things got heated,” Ventimiglia said of the couple's uncertain future on the This Is Us finale event red carpet on Tuesday. “As Rebecca said, things were said that can’t be taken back in the light of day.”

“It just means that maybe they’re gonna have to shift and reset,” he explained. “Here’s a couple [who] loves each other, they do deeply, but they’ve found themselves in a moment of disrepair and they gotta figure it out. They gotta figure themselves out and they have to figure each other out.”

This Is Us
returns this fall on NBC.

For more on what this means for Jack and Rebecca’s future, watch the video below.

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