43 Unanswered Questions We Still Have After Watching 'This Is Us' Season 1

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The season may be over, but we have a lot of This Is Us questions.

NBC’s breakout freshman hit gave viewers quite a few answers over the course of the season, but in true This Is Us fashion, those answers brought upon even more questions.

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Though we learned the answers to significant questions, such as Jack’s fate, a ballpark idea of when he died and who Rebecca is married to in the present, there’s simply too much ground to cover.

After falling in love with the Pearson family following the 18-episode season, we still have dozens of mysteries left unsolved. As we head into the long hiatus, we compiled a comprehensive list of all the answers we’re still seeking after This Is Us’ stellar first season.

1. Are Jack and Rebecca over for good?

2. How soon after Jack and Rebecca’s decision to separate does Jack die?

3. Who tells Kevin, Kate and Randall about their separation? Do they tell them the truth, like Jack asked? Who takes it the hardest?

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4. How are Jack and Miguel as roommates?

5. How and when do Miguel and Rebecca get together?

6. Does Miguel give Jack advice on how to win Rebecca back, or does he have other intentions?


7. What happened at open mic night when Jack and Rebecca first laid eyes on each other at the pub? How did they start talking that first night?

8. Will we experience Jack and Rebecca’s firsts (i.e. first kiss, first date)?

9. When was their first sexy birthday dance? How did that become a Jack and Rebecca tradition?

10. Will Rebecca ever take off her coveted moon necklace?

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11. Will we learn why the park where some of Jack’s ashes were spread was one of his favorite spots?

12. Is there more to the story as to why Kate believes Jack’s death was her fault?

13. How do Jack’s parents react to his death, if they’re still alive when he dies?

14. Will we meet any of Rebecca’s friends in the present day?

15. Is Randall really ready to adopt a child? Is he thinking an open or closed adoption would be better after his own experience? More importantly, will Beth let him have his own Big Three?

16. If Randall and Beth go through with the adoption, will it be a boy (symmetry with the original Big Three and their two young daughters)? How will they handle telling their child about their adoption? How involved will they let the birth parents be?

17. What will Randall do professionally now that he quit his job as a weather trader?

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18. With Randall no longer employed, does this mean Beth will be the primary bread winner in the family? Will their journey mirror Jack and Rebecca’s path?

19. Beth has mentioned her mother in passing. Will we meet her side of the family and her circle of friends?

20. How serious is Kate about becoming a singer? How much singing will we actually hear from Kate? Will she go all in and accomplish what her mother couldn’t?


21. With Kevin deciding to go for the big Ron Howard movie, will Sophie be out of the picture for good? Could we see Sophie move to Los Angeles. for Kevin or choose a career with a more stable partner?

22. Did Kevin abandon his play a second time, or was his play on a limited run? (Yes, we really need to know!)

23. On a related note, are Olivia and Sloane permanently out of Kevin's orbit?

24. When will Kate -- and the rest of the Pearsons -- find out Kevin is back together with Sophie and how will they react?

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25. Will we ever get the full story on what caused Kate and Sophie’s friendship to break down? When did they last speak or see each other?

26. Will Kate and Toby ever walk down the aisle?

27. Will Kate teach Toby the game of football, like Jack taught Rebecca?

28. Ron Cephas Jones revealed that he was returning for the new season, though didn’t divulge the context of his return. How does William factor into season two? Will he serve as Randall and Beth’s voice of reason somehow?

29. How did William get sober? Did learning of his cancer prompt him to get clean? Also, when did he learn he was sick?

30. Will we learn more about Randall’s birth mother, Laurel?

31. Will Randall return to Memphis and reconnect with Cousin Ricky and that side of his biological father’s family?

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32. We saw Jack “interacting” with William and adult Randall, albeit the latter through Randall’s hallucination. Will we see Jack sharing scenes somehow with his other children, Rebecca and Miguel in the present day?

33. Will we see or learn how Miguel and Jack first became friends?

34. What happened to Miguel’s ex-wife, Shelly? Is she dead in the present day? Did she move away?

35. Will we ever meet Kevin, Kate and Randall’s step-siblings, who are curiously never mentioned by Miguel? Are the Big Three in contact with them at all?


36. What prompted Mrs. Peabody to sell Jack the black 1967 Chevelle Super Sport?

37. In the finale, a young Jack told his friend, Darryl, that he had to get out of his house and also his mother. What happened to Jack’s mom?

38. But seriously, what happened to Darryl?

39. Jack was 28 years old when he returned home from Vietnam. What was Jack’s dating life like before Rebecca? Will we meet or hear about any of Jack’s exes?

40. Will Jack's wartime experience play a crucial role in future seasons?

41. In an early season one episode, we see Jack telling Randall that Rebecca has demons too, as she’s frantically running around the cabin, making sure all the windows and doors are locked. What does that scene mean?

42. Jack had plans to build the ideal house for his family, and to start his own company, Big Three Homes. Is Randall’s house the same one his father hoped to build?

43. When will Dr. K, who seems closely tied to the family, return? Could we eventually see his funeral?

What unanswered questions do you still have after the first season of This Is Us? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @etnow!

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