'Beauty and the Beast' Stars Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens Join James Corden for a Crosswalk Musical

The live-action movie stars reprise their roles for an exciting production from Corden's Crosswalk Theater Company.

You haven't seen Beauty and the Beast until you've seen the cast of Disney's live-action reimagining perform the iconic tale in a Hollywood crosswalk while narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

On Monday's Late Late Show, James Corden assembled his Crosswalk Theater Company for the outdoor performance, and they were joined by Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and a very reluctant Dan Stevens -- who star in the film as Gaston, LeFou, and The Beast respectively.

Cordon, of course, cast himself in the role of Belle.

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Taking to the busy street outside the CBS lot in West Hollywood, Corden and his crew put on a live performance for the ages -- including musical numbers full of choreographed singing and dancing -- which went totally unappreciated by grumpy passersby.

Every number -- performed in the middle of the busy crosswalk whenever the light gave them the cross signal -- was abruptly concluded by Corden screaming, "Cars! Cars! Cars! Be safe!" as the light began to change and he frantically rushed his cast out of the path of traffic.

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For "Be Our Guest," Gad donned Lumiere's iconic candle costume, and the actor marveled at getting to play the role for the first time in such an exciting production.

"I didn't get to play this part in the movie, and I'm actually kind of glad," Gad shared. "Because who wants to do it in front of millions of people in a film when you can do it in front of half a dozen Lyft and Uber drivers out here?"

When it came time for Belle's iconic ballroom dance with The Beast, Corden rocked the Disney princess' yellow gown like nobody's business, but Stevens was having second thoughts about performing in the middle of a busy roadway.

"I haven't been out there yet, but it looks pretty terrifying," Stevens said. "It looks very, very dangerous."

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However, after a particularly aggressive pep talk from Corden, the two made the number come alive with a magical recreation of the famous dance. Things got so romantic that, for a second, the pair were on the cusp of sealing the dance with a kiss -- if not for the honking of horns and the shout of "Cars! Run!"

After the troupe gave their final bow to disinterested motorists, Corden reflected on the hilarious, thrilling performance.

"People will say, 'Where were you when the Crosswalk Theater Company performed Beauty and the Beast?' And they'll say, 'Well, I was on Beverly and Genesee. Running late for the dentist.'"

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