EXCLUSIVE: 'DWTS' Pro Witney Carson Teases Chris Kattan's 'Night at the Roxbury' Routine, Says Nick Viall 'Can

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The 23-year-old dancer tells ET to be prepared for some 'outrageous' choreography this season!

Witney Carson is ready to pull some never-before-seen moves on the dance floor!

ET caught up with the 23-year-old dancer on Friday, where she gave us the scoop on how she and her partner, Saturday Night Live veteran Chris Kattan, are preparing for the season 24 premiere of Dancing With the Stars.

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"I'm feeling really good! My choreography plan, and I'm going to be completely honest, is doing just completely outrageous things," Witney dished. "Like, I'm just going to do it so that people remember that routine. There will be something in there, a moment, or a couple of moves -- something that people will go, 'You know what? That was really cool. I remember that over the other dances because it was completely different.'"

"That's what I'm going to try and do," she continued. "Just make Chris stand out as best as I can. I think that the choreography's going to complement him and his personality, let him be the star."

The two will be making their ballroom debut together on Monday, March 20, with a Cha Cha to Haddaway's "What Is Love" -- the track Chris famously danced to in A Night at the Roxbury with Will Ferrell.

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"I mean, I think that it's pretty self-explanatory, it's really iconic," she teased, laughing. "You have to pay tribute to A Night at the Roxbury when doing a 'What Is Love' dance. There's gotta be some moves in there. I don't want to give anything away, but I think people will be super excited to see it. It will just be a really fun premiere."

And although things seem to be going pretty smoothly in rehearsals for #TeamMangoTango, Witney told ET that being paired with a comedian sometimes makes it hard to focus.

"He is very different from any partner I've ever had, which is so great," she gushed. "We're both really excited to dance together for everybody. He is hilarious! He makes me laugh during rehearsals the whole time."

"I mean, everything he does is funny," she added. "He's always making jokes and always just being completely himself."

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When ET spoke with Witney last month ahead of the season 24 casting reveal on Good Morning America, she told us she actually had no idea who Chris was, which made things a bit "awkward."

"Usually the producers will give us a heads up on who we have, but they didn't for me because they wanted to see my genuine reaction. But I had never seen Saturday Night Live," she explained on Friday. "Now I'm a fan of him, though! He loves everything Dancing With the Stars, so he actually knew who I was and knew that I had won before. He's wanted to do this show for a while now, so he was super excited when he met me. He said he loved watching my season with Alfonso [Ribeiro]."

During the dance competition show's 20th season, Witney was previously paired with Bachelor star Chris Soules. When asked how she thinks new Bachelor competitor Nick Viall will do, she gave him major praise.

"I saw him dance a little bit on The Bachelor, because obviously I'm a fan, everybody knows that," she said. "I think he can move. I think he's going to surprise people. He's going to do really well. He's in really great hands with Peta [Murgatroyd]. They are a couple to watch out for, for sure!"

But if she had to put money on who would win in a Bachelor dance-off, she remains loyal to Chris!

"Oh, I think Chris [over Nick], just because he's my bud," she joked. "I love him to death. I'd be rooting for him on the side, definitely. Chris is just a goofball, like he'll do whatever, and just go for it, 100%. I think he'd definitely win, but I'm biased, so…"

Read more highlights from our interview below!

ET: Fill us in - what do you keep in your dance bag?

Carson: Chapstick, an extra shirt in case I get too uncomfortable because I hate wearing tight things [during rehearsals], a pair of sunglasses, a huge Smartwater water bottle and hair oil.

Do you have any good luck charms you wear, or pre-performance rituals you swear by, for each show?

My wedding ring. I like to think it's good luck! And a ritual I do, I always pray before because, at that point, all the work is done, so you can really hope and pray that all goes well.

Summer is just around the corner, you've already posted a bikini pic! Aside from dancing, what are the secrets to your incredible beach bod?

I'm not one of those girls that can just eat whatever and be fit. I definitely have to watch what I eat, that's pivotal for me, because I don't have a lot of time to do other workouts besides dancing. I mostly eat really clean whole foods, and then I try to do Pilates. When I can't go to Pilates [class], sometimes I'll just do a Tabata workout in my apartment. I'll look on Instagram for different workouts that I like, and I'll do a quick 25-minute workout before I go to rehearsal.

Of course you have some guilty pleasures though. What's your No. 1?

I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, ever, in life! Peanut butter M&Ms with popcorn, sitting down, watching Netflix.

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