EXCLUSIVE: 'The Flash' Stars Talk WestAllen Wedding, Plan Barry and Iris' Perfect Day: 'Netflix and Chill!'

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Barry and Iris are engaged… again!

The highly anticipated Flash and Supergirl musical crossover finally danced onto our screens this week, and it brought tears to our eyes when Barry proposed to Iris (for a second time) with a heartwarmingly beautiful song titled, "Runnin' Home to You."

"When I knew that they were going to have another proposal, I think it was the sweetest thing," star Candice Patton gushed to ET this weekend at PaleyFest in Los Angeles. "And I think it's more WestAllen, this proposal. It's at home, it's very casual."

If "casual" means getting proposed to with an original ballad penned by La La Land songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, then sure!

"I mean, the first time Barry did it, it was really special, but it was also a huge fire hazard. I kept thinking like, 'This is really dangerous!'" she added with a laugh of Barry's first candle-filled attempt. "So when I read the musical and I saw that they were going to get back together and have such a great proposal, I was super excited."

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The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, agreed that he was glad to see Barry and Iris' romance getting back on track in the musical extravaganza.

"Barry was kind of re-establishing his confidence in the relationship. Not letting his fear dictate things, but rather let his heart dictate things, which he's always done in the past," Gustin said. "So we're kind of back to true-form Barry, I think. As much as we can be with what he's dealing with right now."

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And with the engagement officially back on, we (of course!) had to ask about the impending WestAllen wedding plans. "Yeah, I can't wait to maybe wear a wedding dress on TV. I don’t think I've ever done that," Patton exclaimed. "But we've been moving things so far -- in terms of WestAllen -- so fast that maybe we can just slow down on the wedding."

"Maybe next season or end of next season," the actress said, before adding there's one "very huge" obstacle the couple needs to overcome before a trip down the aisle. "We've got to make sure [Iris] is alive!"

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We at ET know that there's no such thing as a perfect day in Central City. Lives are continuously threatened, buildings are destroyed and unknown chaos consistently looms in the shadows. But, if nothing were to go wrong for a glorious 24 hours, we were curious to know how Barry and Iris would spend their day and, to our surprise, the actors' answers were almost identical!

"She would definitely get up, go to Jitters, go to work," Patton mused. "Have a normal work day -- maybe report on something very normal like the water in Central City. [Then] come home and make dinner for her and Barry, feed the turtle."

As for Gustin's answer: "If nothing went wrong, I think ideally Barry would like to sleep in a little bit, get up, have some coffee with Iris, go for a morning run because he gets some endorphins out of that and he does like running. And I think he likes doing some minor saves the day like armed robbery or stopping grant theft auto, stuff like that is fun for him, so I think a perfect day entails being The Flash."

As for at night, the term "Netflix and chill" and all of its underlying implications was tossed around by both the actors. "Well, I mean they probably would Netflix and chill," Patton said with a laugh. "I mean, come on, they're adults. Why not?"

"We're in love," Gustin said with a smile, referring to their characters' on-screen romance. "Come on, we know what's up with Barry and Iris."

The Flash airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.