EXCLUSIVE: The BAU Has a Difficult Time Keeping Reid Safe in Prison on 'Criminal Minds'

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The BAU is taking Spencer Reid’s lengthy prison stay hard.

On Wednesday’s episode of Criminal Minds, titled “In the Dark,” Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) catches Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) crying in her office after visiting Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) behind bars in ET’s exclusive sneak peek.

When Alvez asks Garcia if she’s OK, she’s immediately caught off guard, insisting she’s fine -- though all signs say she’s not.

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“Look, really, really, really, I’m OK,” Garcia protests. “Just go away, please.” But Alvez knows better than to leave her alone.

“I know I may not be the someone you want to talk to, but I can’t walk away with you like this. I know you went to visit Reid, is that what this is about?” he asks, before learning just how badly Reid is doing in prison.

“He’s hurt,” Garcia reveals, before we see flashes of a disheveled and bruised Reid looking like a shell of himself. “Like really bad; he should be in protective custody, bad. I told him I was going to march into the warden’s office and give him a piece of my mind. But he said it’d just make things worse.”

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Alvez and Garcia start to formulate backup options to keep Reid safe, including some possible allies Reid’s made on the inside who could potentially be assets. Watch the exclusive video above to see the BAU’s plan of attack.

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