EXCLUSIVE: Watch the First Minute of 'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Premiere!

We have a pretty little present for you!

We have a pretty little present for you!

It's been 207 days since the last episode of Pretty Little Liars (literally!) made heads roll across our screens, and with the final ten episodes almost here, we wanted to gift you something to curb those Rosewood cravings.

During Saturday's Pretty Little Liars PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles, audience members previewed the first minute of PLL's April 18th premiere -- and only ET is putting this shocking sneak peek online for all to see!

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Our exclusive first look above opens with a badly bloodied and half-conscious Spencer in the back of an ambulance racing towards the hospital in the fight for her life.

"Mom?" Spencer groggily says to the EMT, still clearly in shock from the summer finale news that Mary Drake is actually her real mother.

The Liars must've driven like bats out of hell from that #PLLDeathTrap because they're all at the hospital when Spencer is whisked through the emergency doors.


"So it was Noel the whole time?" Ali asks the group. "Noel and Jenna?"

"We know they were connected to Charlotte and Rollins," Aria answers hopefully, to which Hanna snaps, "Connected doesn't mean a motive!"

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But it's Aria who finally says out lout what all the girls are thinking: "If Noel was A.D., and Noel is dead. That means…" she trails off. (Yeah right! After seven seasons, we all know that the Liars aren't going to get off that easy…)

And, as if things weren't crazy enough, the girls whip around to see Toby being wheeled into the emergency room in a neckbrace. "If Toby's here, where's Yvonne?" Hanna ominously asks.

Dun… dun… duuuuun!

The final ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars kick off Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform!