EXCLUSIVE: 'Scandal' Star Guillermo Diaz Spills on Huck's Fate: 'Don't Believe Everything You See!'

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What the Huck?!

Last week's episode of Scandal gave us a full-fledged panic attack when the hour ended with O.G. gladiator Huck getting shot multiple times at the hands of yet another psychopathic girlfriend. And, to make matters even worse, it seems like Abby was the master manipulator behind the entire thing.

To get some desperately needed answers, ET caught up with star Guillermo Diaz at The Paley Center for Media's 34th Annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Sunday, and the actor was in great spirits despite his character's unknown fate.

"That ending just blew me away -- no pun intended," he said with a smile.

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"I was in complete and utter disbelief, but excited too," Diaz confessed when asked about his initial reaction to that shocking Huck cliffhanger. "It's such a great script, it's so juicy! As an actor I was just thrilled, I was so psyched."

"The great thing about Shonda [Rhimes'] shows [is that] your characters sort of ebb and flow," he continued. "Sometimes you get a lot of really juicy stuff, and sometimes you're sort of in the background a little bit. But when those scripts come where it's all about your character, we're just so ready and so amped to play them. It's super exciting."

Not to worry, Huck lovers! Diaz dished that we shouldn’t be planning another OPA funeral just yet. "[I'll] leave it to Shonda, but there's always those little twists and turns," he teased. "So don't believe everything you see and hear"

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While Diaz seems optimistic about Huck's future, he's not too sure if Abby (Darby Stanchfield) will be able to fast-talk her way back into the Scandal fandom's good graces after this seeming betrayal.

"Abby hasn't been in OPA for a really long time, so I wouldn't put it past her," he said. "She was a gladiator from the beginning, from the pilot, and we were together and working together in this office as sort of a dysfunctional family. So the thought that she could have been responsible for Huck's demise is scary and sad."

Luckily, we're told that all will be revealed in the next new episode of Scandal, so until then, we're just going to nervously munch on popcorn and drown our sorrows in an Olivia Pope-sized glass of red wine…

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