EXCLUSIVE: Ramona Singer Previews 'Crazier Than Hell' New Season of 'Real Housewives of NYC': I Blacked Out

Plus, the star dishes on Jill Zarin's return to the Bravo hit.

The Ramona Coaster is open for business again.

The Real Housewives of New York City
returns to Bravo on Wednesday night for season nine, and star Ramona Singer tells ET it won’t disappoint. 

“It's crazier than hell,” she promises. “I don't know what it is with us. I mean, you can't script this stuff. We get nuts with each other. Then we make up. Then we get nuts.”

Ramona teases lots of drama to come this year, starting with a showdown between Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan.

“There's gonna be a dinner party,” she explains. “I'm having a beautiful, seated dinner party in my home in the Hamptons and I say, 'Dorinda, please. Contain yourself with Sonja. Please, wait 'til after dinner.' In front of all my guests, they go at it, like you cannot believe. I don't shock easy. I was shocked.”

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That’s just the start, though. Ramona also teases a blowout with Bethenny Frankel.

“Bethenny and I, we had, like, the biggest fight I've ever had in my life with any woman in my life,” she says. “ I unleashed so much that I had a blackout memory. I don't even remember what I said to her. In fact, she said to me, ‘Watch. When you watch what's going to happen on that time when we were in the Berkshires, the things you said to me, you're gonna be shocked.’ I swear to God, I don't remember.” 

“With Bethenny, I do adore her,” Ramona notes. “I do respect her. But she's the type of a woman that, she doesn't like to be questioned.”

Ramona adds that she thinks Bethenny isn’t comfortable with touchy subjects, unless Bethenny is the one to bring them up -- and that added fuel to the fire of their fight.

“Of course, she can bring up anything she wants!” Ramona shares. “God forbid, you bring up something, OK?”

“Bethenny lashes out at people,” she continues. “Is she the only one who can lash out? Why can't I lash out for goodness sakes!”

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Of course, there’s also drama to come in season nine with Luann (nee De Lesseps) and her now-husband, Tom D’Agostino. Season eight ended with most of the women questioning if Tom was faithful to Luann. Still, the couple made it down the aisle at a New Year Eve’s ceremony -- and the RHONY cameras were there to capture it all. However, most of the cast was not invited to the Palm Beach wedding.

“I was disappointed,” Ramona admits. “Not that I was going to go … but I was disappointed, because I'm a woman's woman. I really am. I've always been that way. She was having problems last season, last year, with both Carole [Radziwill] and Bethenny, to the point where I, repeatedly, tried to get them to make up and get together … and I achieved it!”

“I'm here to help you, why you're not inviting me?” she asks. “But you know what she said? She goes, 'Well, I don't want any drama at my wedding.' I go, 'Sweetie, the only person that's creating any drama is Tom.'”

Dorinda was the only current cast member who snagged an invite to the big day, but she wasn’t the only Real Housewives star in attendance. RHONY alum Jill Zarin was there, and will appear at some point in the upcoming batch of episodes -- but not as much as fans of the show might be hoping. Ramona says Jill only filmed for Luann’s wedding and never mixed with the rest of the cast back home in Manhattan.

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Even so, there’s still plenty going on in the Big Apple.

“It’s electric,” Ramona says.

The Real Housewives of New York City
premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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