EXCLUSIVE: 'Prison Break' Sneak Peek! Sara Gets a Secret Message From Michael


Michael Scofield has a message for his former love.

On Tuesday’s episode of Prison Break, Michael (Wentworth Miller) secretly sends a note to ex-wife Sara Tancredi-Scofield (Sarah Wayne Callies), but in an unconventional way.

In ET’s exclusive clip, Sara -- now married to Jacob Ness (Mark Feuerstein) -- arrives at Michael Jr.’s school to pick up him, only he’s not there. Fearing the worst, Sara frantically searches for the son she shares with Michael, running through the playground for any sign of him.

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Luckily, Michael Jr. is safe and sound. “What are you doing? You scared me,” Sara says, breathing a sigh of relief once she spots her son, who was behind the jungle gym looking for a mysterious man.

“I was looking for the man who gave me this,” Michael Jr. innocently explains, showing his mother the origami rose that was given to him by “the pizza man.” But the folded flower could have only come from one person.

As Sara unfolds the flower, a handwritten message appears, warning her about the “storm” that’s about the come. Watch the exclusive clip above to find out what it says.

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Callies recently dropped by ET’s Burbank studios to chat about the new installment of Prison Break, where she spoke of Sara’s relationship with Jacob.

“These are people who are kind to each other, they’re good to each other, they’re raising this child together,” Callies said, revealing that in the initial draft of the script for the first episode, things were a little different. “When I got the first draft, the writers had said that I took [Jacob’s] name. I said, ‘No, my name is Sara Scofield and my name is Sara Scofield until the day I die.’”

“At one point, they even had Mike Jr. calling Jacob ‘Dad,’ and I was like, ‘I wouldn’t let it happen,’” she noted.

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