EXCLUSIVE: Property Brothers Dish on 'Adam Lambert Impersonator' Brother & Why They Kept Him 'Out of Sight!'

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Property Brothers
fans recently discovered the startling existence of a third brother, and now Drew and Jonathan Scott are dishing on their mysterious other brother J.D Scott, revealing he is a former Adam Lambert impersonator and joking that they kept him hidden away due to his good looks!

“He's the good-looking brother, so we had to keep him out of sight,” laughed Jonathan during an exclusive interview with ET ahead of the duo’s Esurance "DIY Ditties" campaign debut.

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“Much like Harry Potter, we kept J.D. under the stairs [as] we didn't want him to overshadow us,” piped in Drew.

News of J.D.’s existence blew up the internet recently, after a photo of him with Drew and Jonathan surfaced on Twitter, prompting fans to go nuts with questions about the intriguing third Scott sibling.

However, Drew and Jonathan pointed out that J.D. has, in fact, been around all along.

“It's actually hilarious,” said Jonathan. “There was one post [which] had 6,000 retweets because they found out we have a third brother, who has been in most of our shows. We do stuff with him all the time. People are saying, ‘Wait, that guy is your brother?’ He's the emo contractor. He's the got the hair and all of that. He actually used to be an Adam Lambert impersonator.”

“J.D.’s a handy guy,” added Drew. “He's also been flipping houses, working on houses, he's been a host for years, and so that's why we like to work together. The three of us are thick as thieves.”

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The pair spilled on J.D.’s stats, revealing his full name is James Daniel (the boys’ father’s and grandfather’s names), he is two years older than the twins, “but looks younger because he's a measly 6'2,” and has also worked as a David Bowie impersonator.

And, while it may disappoint some to hear this, J.D. is sadly off the market.

“J.D.'s girlfriend is a makeup artist on our shows,” revealed Drew. “Jonathan's girlfriend works with our company and my girlfriend is a creative director with our company, so we're a very tight mix.”

Rumors of J.D. being a magician were also laid to rest.

“No, I'm a magician,” said Jonathan. “Because there's this frenzy going on, people are pulling out information. They started pulling the wrong information and before you know it, J.D. is his twin, I am the third brother. Now we have to kill him off.”

Jonathan humorously added that J.D. had outshone him and Drew “our whole lives.”

While that may be the case, the focus is firmly on Drew and Jonathan in their new campaign with Esurance. The musical clips feature the brothers singing lyrics they helped co-write.

The first video opens with the pair pulling some suave boy band moves, wearing shiny silver suits, before taking a slight Bollywood turn as they pull a 360-degree rotation while singing about everything being brighter after cleaning their headlights with toothpaste.

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“We come from a musical background so we've actually written real music and recorded real music and we come from a comedy background too, so we thought why not [take] comedy, music and everything and mash it together to educate people and have fun while we do it,” explained Jonathan.

Drew added that their suits in the clip were from a David Hasselhoff movie, Dancing Ninja, and that new videos will be added to Esurance’s Facebook page every fortnight -- with the music crossing all genres!

“People didn't realize the range of our singing ability,” said Drew. “That's what you’re going to notice. We have '90s hip hop and rap, we have country, we even have patriotic music that we sing. [Adele] is going to be calling saying, ‘Hello can you do the next home hack with me?’”

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Reporting by Darla Murray