'Pretty Little Liars': Everything You Need to Remember and 13 Biggest Questions We Need Answered!

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It's time to a take a trip down Rosewood memory lane!

The final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars are almost here, and we know that many of you have probably forgotten all the biggest twists and turns from the last 150 episodes. (Hey, we're not judging you! We forgot a lot of it, too, seeing how it’s been a whopping 230 days since the last all-new episode of PLL.)

Luckily for you, we at ET are ready to refresh your memory with everything you need to remember before Tuesday night's season seven B premiere. Press play on our video above to watch a quick recap of all the most shocking moments in PLL history and then scroll through our list of the 13 biggest questions we need answered before the series finale!

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1. Who is A.D. – AKA Uber A? This, of course, is the biggest question that we desperately need an answer to! After seven seasons of watching the torture baton get passed from one hooded figure to another, we're at our wits' end and need to finally know the truth: who is A.D. and why is this person (or persons!) so hellbent on ruining the lives of the Liars?!

2. Who shot Spencer? At the end of PLL's summer finale, Spencer took a bullet to the chest! Luckily, it looks like she's going to be OK (although the same can't be said for Toby and Ivonne…), but we're beyond curious to know who pulled the trigger. Was it A.D.? Someone else? Were they actually aiming for Spencer or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time?

3. Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? Just when it looked like Charlotte DiLaurentis had turned a corner in her mental health, she was unexpectedly murdered. For a while there, the Liars thought that Ali had killed Charlotte, but that theory was eventually disproved, so now we're back to square one. However, we know one thing for sure: this latest Uber A -- aka A.D. -- is torturing them because he or she thinks they know who killed Charlotte.

4. Who’s is Charlotte's father? Initially, we thought that Mrs. D was Charlotte's biological mother, but once Mary Drake -- Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister -- moved to town, she revealed that she's actually Charlotte's mom. (And Spencer's mom, too, for that matter!) Now the only branch that we need to know from this twisted family tree is who Charlotte's father is.

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5. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Poor, Mrs. D. At the end of season four, fans watched as her lifeless body was dragged through the dirt and buried by an unknown assailant. At first it was believed that 'A' killed Jessica, but in "Game Over, Charles," Charlotte revealed that she found Jessica's body outside the DiLaurentis house after she escaped police custody, so she buried Jessica's body in the Hastings' backyard.

6. What was the point of Sara Harvey? Oh, Sara Harvey, how can we put this nicely? You are, by far, the most frustrating character in PLL history! Not only did it seem like you popped up out of nowhere, but suddenly you were the go-to scapegoat for the show to pin all their unanswered mysteries on to. Who was Red Coat? Sara Harvey. Who was the Black Widow? Sara Harvey. Who was conveniently by Charlotte's side the entire time helping her with her diabolical plans? Sara. Freakin'. Harvey. Ughhh. What a cop-out!

7. Who killed Sara Harvey? We don't actually care that Sara Harvey is dead, but we do want to know who killed her so that we can send that unknown person a thank you card and a basket of mini muffins.

8. Is Wren really a doctor and how does he fit into all of this? We met Wren waaaay back in season one of PLL, but he always seems to be weaving in and out of the shadows on this series and we think that's very shady! Who are you, Wren? How do you fit into all of this? Are you really living it up with Melissa in London, or are you secretly the mastermind behind all of this? Tell us, you beautiful Brit!

9. Why was Melissa helping Shana and Jenna? Speaking of shady characters, Melissa Hastings is the queen of sliding herself into situations where she doesn't belong, and then somehow managing to provide a barely-good-enough alibi to avoid the blame. Why was she seen working with Jenna and Shana? What is her motive for all of this? Does she know that Spencer is only her half-sister?

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10. What's the deal with Archer Dunhill? We hate Archer Dunhill -- aka Dr. Elliot Rollins -- and that's not just because he wedged himself between Ali and Emily's relationship. (Come on, admit it, you love Emison too!) Archer's presence has been nothing but poison in Ali's life, and once we discovered that he and Charlotte were actually secret lovers, we were left with one massive question: Huh?!

11. If Mona killed Bethany, and Melissa buried her, how did Alison’s bracelet get on her Wrist? Bethany, like Sara Harvey, is another catch-all character that the writers conveniently created to get themselves out of a corner. But here's where Bethany being buried in Ali's grave doesn’t make sense: how on earth did she end up with Ali's bracelet on her wrist? Hopefully, this will be addressed by the series finale because it's been bugging us for years!

12. Who's the father of Ali's baby? We have a feeling that Ali's pregnancy is not your typical run-of-the-mill-conception. It's a little too convenient that Ali gets pregnant while Emily's donated eggs are MIA, so we have a feeling that Uber A whipped up a baby via IVF using Emily's eggs, but the question remains: who could the father be? Archer? (Eww, we really hope not.)

13. What's with all the twin references in Rosewood?! We know that in Sara Shephard's book series, Ali had a secret twin named Courtney DiLaurentis, and the show has paid homage to that twist with Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake. However, we have a feeling that there could be another MIA twin lurking in Rosewood, now we just have to figure out who!

The final season of Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform!