EXCLUSIVE 'American Gods' Premiere Sneak Peek: Shadow and Wednesday's First Scene Is Amazingly NSFW!

We've got something 'American Gods' fans are going to worship!

We've got something American Gods fans are going to worship!

The book-to-series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's beloved 2001 novel is finally premiering this Sunday on Starz, and only ET has your exclusive first look at Shadow and Mr. Wednesday's highly anticipated introduction.

(Just an FYI, the language is a bit NSFW, so you might want to plug in your headphones before pressing play!)

In our sneak peek scene above, Shadow nervously confesses to a fellow first-class passenger that he's "never flown before."

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"Nothing to it! Just sit back, be a bird and drink up," Wednesday says while smoothly offering Shadow a drink.

When Shadow looks hesitant and doesn’t reach for the glass, Wednesday's response is wonderfully blunt and true to the character that the book's fans know and love. "I offer you the worm from my beak and you look at me like I f**ked your mom?" he says.

"Sorry," Shadow chuckles, "you're just the first person I've talked to who wasn't an a**hole."


"Give me time," Wednesday retorts.

ET recently caught up with the cast of American Gods last week while we were streaming live from the world premiere event in Los Angeles, and star Ian McShane confessed that he and Ricky Whittle filmed that airplane scene exactly one year ago to the day.

"Yeah, It was on a Wednesday in Toronto," McShane revealed. "I started [filming American Gods] on a Wednesday, and I finished on a Wednesday and we flew back yesterday for this premiere on a Wednesday."

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"We had to find the outfit for him because Neil had described 16 years ago of him having a suit like melted ice cream, vanilla," the 74-year-old actor recalled. "So I said, 'Once we find the suit, I'll find the character.' And we did."

Whittle admitted that stepping into the role of Shadow Moon over the past year has been a "huge process" for him as an actor.

"It's been intense, but also incredible," Whittle gushed. "It's been a year, almost to the day, that we stepped onto set, but we knew it was going to be a monster. Neil Gaiman is a rock star in the book world and [executive producers] Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are rock stars of TV."

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30 on Starz.

Ready for more American Gods secrets? Press play on our video below to watch ET's entire live Facebook stream with the cast on the red carpet!