EXCLUSIVE: Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan Dish on Their 'Explosive' Dinner Party Fight on 'Real Housewives'

The drama goes down while the ladies of 'The Real Housewives of New York City' are in the Hamptons.

It’s time to make it nice!

Dorinda Medley explodes on Sonja Morgan on Wednesday night’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, but now months later, the ladies are fine with each other.

“We’re grown ups,” Dorinda tells ET. “It was a long time brewing. I think since the reunion. Remember, the reunion was in July, and we didn't see each other again until, what? November?”

“We didn't have a very easy reunion,” she continues. “You know, usually after the reunion, we all go to dinner. We all hug and kiss. We slithered out.”

“She just dumped all this crap on me,” Sonja says. “Like, where is this coming from? This diatribe of, like, all of these things about me that she was collecting.”

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On last week’s episode, Dorinda admitted to collecting a dossier of information about her pal over the summer, with the help of a mystery partner. Dorinda felt compelled to dig up dirt on Sonja after Sonja accused her multiple times of regularly using recreational drugs, claims Dorinda has repeatedly denied.

“Remember, my husband was involved in the information business,” she says, shooting down fan speculation that the mafia was somehow involved.

Sonja calls most of what Dorinda and her investigator dug up “old news,” noting there wasn’t anything scandalous inside the file like say, a sex tape. Still, Sonja admits she was “in shock” when Dorinda decided to unleash in the middle of Ramona Singer’s dinner party.

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“No one said you were that upset,” Sonja confesses, adding that Dorinda had actually invited her to her home in the Berkshires for a summer weekend ahead of this fight -- an invite Sonja declined.

“Really?!” Dorinda asks. “I told Ramona non-stop I was so upset.”

“She didn't say anything,” Sonja responds. “You know Ramona, she was probably waiting like the Cheshire cat, big smile on her face.”

Dorinda describes the fight as “a clearing,” saying it was what she and Sonja needed to move forward with their friendship. Still, she notes that the entire room was “horrified” by her behavior.

“I'm just so happy that we're back together, because I always have a great time with Dorinda,” Sonja shares.

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“I always say, Sonja and I should be getting along, because we have a lot more in common than not,” Dorinda adds. “Our lives sort of turned out differently that we expected or we hoped. We have young daughters who are entering into the world. So, we're kind of empty nesters, and we love life and we love people, so it's sad that it had to take this turn, and go so wrong.”

While their fight is a big one, Dorinda and Sonja are clear that it is not the biggest of the season. That title goes to Ramona and Bethenny Frankel’s upcoming showdown in the Berkshires.

“I think it was incredibly upsetting,” Dorinda teases. “I think it caused a real sad, unfortunate break. It really did.”

Bethenny and Ramona’s fight will seemingly be a continuation of their bizarre interaction on last week’s episode, where Ramona asked Bethenny if her 6-year-old daughter was aware of a recently resurfaced sex scene from a movie the Skinnygirl mogul starred in decades ago.

“I just think there are certain things you don't say,” Dorinda says. “You don't start talking about people who aren't on the show.”

“You just don't go there with Bethenny,” Sonja interjects. “You know not to go there with somebody's kids.”

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