Ashton Kutcher Says Wife Mila Kunis Is Basically an Oracle: 'She's Always Right'

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Mila Kunis may just be an oracle.

Ashton Kutcher dished on  Monday's The Ellen DeGeneresShow how he and his wife picked out the name Dimitri for their 5-month-old second child, revealing that the 33-year-old actress manifested it while predicting the surprising results of the 2016 presidential election.

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"On our way to a date night, Mila turns to me and she goes, 'So... I think Donald Trump is gonna become the president, and I think Dimitri's the name of our baby," the 39-year-old actor shared.

"I'm telling you, she called it, that's not even a joke," he added. "Probably a month out, or two months out.

"Everything Mila said is right," Kutcher continued. "She's my wife, that's just what it is."

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Sounds like Kunis should maybe play the lottery!

Watch the interview below.

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Meanwhile, Kunis may have an eye for the future, but according to her, she left her coolness in the past!

Watch the video below for what the actress told ET.

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