Zeke Smith Voted Off 'Survivor: Game Changers' Weeks After Being Outed During Tribal Council


Zeke Smith's Survivor: Game Changers journey has come to an end.

The two-time player was eliminated on Wednesday night's episode, just weeks after making headlines for being outed as transgender by another contestant, Jeff Varner, during tribal council.

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Smith was sent home after receiving the majority of the split votes. Tai Trang and Sierra Dawn Thomas receieved three and two votes, respectively.

Smith's name had been tossed around as a possible target just one week after Varner was sent home, as his tribemates pointed out that his remarkable story and talent for playing the game made him a threat, possible of winning it all. 

"It was smart for Andrea to come after me, because I was going to come after Andrea," Smith said after his name was read, making him the 11th player voted off this season, and 4th member of the jury. "I will forever be a better person because I played Survivor."

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During an appearance on The Talklast month, Smith explained that he was OK with Survivor airing the controversial tribal council because he was "determined to milk something positive out of that moment."

"I love Survivor," he exclaimed. "When I first applied, I didn't tell casting that I was trans. That was developed later in our relationship. And I had a chat with Jeff Probst, where we agreed, if -- how and when -- I'm gonna talk about this part of my life, it's gonna be up to me, as opposed to being outed by a fellow contestant, being the exception."

"But, in the aftermath of being outed, I have been granted unprecedented autonomy in how I want to tell my story," he added. "I was determined to milk something positive out of that moment, and sort of -- at the end of tribal, everything settled and I was really proud of myself."

ET spoke with Varner, the morning after the shocking episode aired three weeks ago, where he explained that calling Smith out for hiding his being trans was a "last-minute emotional decision."

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"I had not planned that at all. There's no way I could have planned that," he explained. "What you don't know by watching the show is that that tribal council was two hours long."

Varner, who told ET that he has since been fired from his new real estate job as a result of the episode, said he has also been in therapy to deal with the situation.

"[I] have been in therapy, CBS has paid for [me]. They wanted [me] healthy," he revealed. "This was traumatic for the both of us and it was ugly. When I came out of that game, I believe I even said, 'Somebody shoot me.' I probably sent all the red flags up that I was going to kill myself over this, which of course I would never do that as much as I felt like I probably deserved it. There was a psychologist outside at the path that I walked down and I fell into her arms. It was just great for me."

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