Kim Kardashian Says She's 'On Edge' After Paris Robbery Arrests in New 'KUWTK' Promo: 'I Can't Trust Anyone'


Kim Kardashian West had to reevaluate how she lives her life after her Paris robbery.

In a new promo for Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim spoke with Kourtney about the arrests made by French police after the burglary, revealing that she "honestly never thought that they would catch the robbers."

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"I just thought that so much time has gone on, and I didn't really realize how diligent the French police were being and just all the hard work they were putting into it," she shares to the camera. "To find out that there were so many people involved, hearing detail after detail, it really just opened up a whole different perspective for me of feeling safe."

"They got the fingerprints of two guys inside, and then I think they tapped their phones and went from there," she tells Kourtney.

"How would they get their fingerprints?" Kourtney asks. "They weren't wearing gloves?"

"They were wearing gloves, but he left the duct tape, and that already had fingerprints from when they were at home, putting it in the bag," Kim explains.

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"Do you feel better?" Kourtney wonders. "Do you feel relieved or anything?

"It definitely opened up my eyes to a whole different world that I can't erase. I can't go backwards. Like, life is always going to be different. Now I just have to be like, super aware of everything that I do and who I share it with," the 36-year-old reality star answers. "So I have to go to New York from Costa Rica, from our family trip, to go meet with the French judge, so that I don't have to go to Paris."

"Knowing that it's a possibility that people close to me were involved makes me feel like I can't trust anyone, and that really sucks," Kim later says to the camera. "It just opened up my eyes that this happens and that there's, you know, really bad people in this world. I can still live my life, but just on edge."

See the promo below:

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A source told ET in January that Kim was "deeply relieved to know that this horrible ordeal will all come to an end soon," after 17 suspects were detained by police for being tied to the October robbery that lost the reality star millions in cash and jewelry.

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