EXCLUSIVE: Cheryl Burke Goes on Wacky Culinary Adventure, Eats Dinner at a Landscape Shop in LA -- Watch!


Cheryl Burke is Going Off the Menu.

The Dancing With the Stars alum pops up in the season premiere of Bravo’s digital series, and ET has the exclusive premiere. Cheryl gets an inside look at L.A.’s underground foodie scene from chef and restaurateur Graham Elliot.

“I could be a foodie,” Cheryl admits. “With fast food joints.”

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The theme of this Going Off the Menu episode is “transformers,” so Cheryl and Graham don’t visit any old restaurant. No, they head to a garden nursery that chef Monique Benabou turned into a pop-up Moroccan supper club for one night only.

Before they get a bite, Graham and Cheryl are treated to quite the show as belly dancers shimmy and shake around their table while wearing candles on their heads! Now, one would think a professional dancer like Cheryl would be super into the spectacle, but that’s not the case.

“I’m more worried that the belly dancer’s going to light this place on fire,” she admits. “So, we just have to… the nearest exit is, I think, to our left.”

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Then, it’s time for the meal, which Cheryl dubs “delicious!” While viewers can’t taste the cuisine, the footage definitely qualifies as food porn.

Still, there’s one problem with the dinner: no utensils! Cheryl is forced to use what she calls her “ghetto fabulous” fingers to dig into each dish.

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For more on the latest with Cheryl, check out the video below.