'KUWTK': Kim Kardashian Flips Out on 'F**king Loser' Scott Disick, Tells Kourtney to 'Move On'

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The drama between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick raged on during Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as their relationship continued to crumble and Kourtney's sisters, Kim and Khloe, found themselves in the middle of the tension.

The episode picked up where last week's ended, with Kim finding a woman in Scott's Dubai hotel bathroom and aggressively throwing her out of the suite. Kim then confronted Scott, and chastised him for making her feel bad for him over Kourtney dating another man.

However, didn't seem to understand the issue with him having some female companionship.

"She's made it clear that we're not together," he said of his ex, who is also the mother of his three children.

"But you made me feel really bad about it," Kim shot back. "Why do you even care what Kourtney does, and why are you getting mad at her, when you're doing the same thing?"

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"It's really not fair for Scott to hang this guilt over Kourtney," Kim later shared in a solo interview. "This has nothing to do with her."

After leaving Scott to his own devices as she went off to ride camels and play with falcons to clear her mind, Kim ended up having a nice meeting with him later in the day where he explained where some of his frustration comes from.

"She never, ever, gives me any kind of pat on the back for anything," Scott said. "The only time I hear from her is if it's for something negative."

After flying back to Los Angeles, Kim had lunch with Kourtney, where they discussed the drama and Kourtney continued to hang the blame of their failed relationship around her ex's neck.

"It’s his fault we’re not together," she declared.

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However, it was Kourtney's idea to invite Scott along for the ride when the family headed out to Costa Rica for a fun getaway.

While in Costa Rica, the family stayed at a luxury villa, while Scott decided to rent his own place at a nearby hotel so he could get some distance from his ex.

"I only get really lonely, and then start to annoy myself more that the girl I used to be with is down the hallway and I'm not sleeping with her and [asking], 'What has my life come to?' So I don't really feel like there's any reason for me to sleep under the same roof."

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While things between the former couple have been tense, the episode still featured moments of sweetness and honesty where Scott clearly expressed his love for his ex. In one scene, Kourtney and her sisters were hanging out in their room when Scott walked in and climbed into bed with Kourtney, hugging her.

While Kourtney joked about how awkward and weird it was, she made no real efforts to spurn his advances, and didn't even balk when Scott said, "I'm just trying to touch my wife."

"She's not your wife," Khloe shot back, annoyed.

"Oh right, I forgot," Scott replied, as Kourtney laughed.

Scott later addressed the duality of their relationship, explaining how the sweet moments they spend together as a family only torment him when it comes to the fact that they aren't actually together.

“There are definitely two ways of looking at the situation with myself and Kourtney," he explained. "We spend all these amazing moments together with our kids, but then at night, where you'd want to have the other side of the relationship, we don't have [that]. It just frustrates me and makes me sad."

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Despite the claims that he wanted to reconcile, Kim later found out that Scott actually flew a girl out to Costa Rica, without telling anyone, and ended up telling Kourtney and Khloe about his secret rendezvous.

While Kim and Khloe wanted Kourtney to confront Scott in person, she wanted to wait and deal with it privately after the trip, but it was clear she was hurt.

"We're here with our kids. We're here to be a family. I don’t understand why he would think to invite somebody," Kourtney said in a solo interview. "It’s hurtful and disrespectful."

Kim wasn't nearly as level-headed about the news however, calling Scott a "f**king loser."

"I always had his back. I always thought like, 'Oh they're going to get back together,'" Kim said, telling her sister to "move on."

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The sisters soon let their mom, Kris Jenner, in on the secret and the group hatch a plan to confront Scott at dinner that night.

As they make vague references to Scott's secret, and he begins to sweat, the confrontation gets derailed by some tribal fire dancers that distract everyone.

“It’s pretty obvious that the girls know something’s up,” Scott admitted in a confessional. “Nobody really wants to say what’s on their mind and if this dinner isn’t awkward enough these fire dancers have to come out and start doing hula hoops. I already felt like I was under fire."

As soon as the fire dancers ended their routine, the tension mounted again with everyone skirting around the elephant in the room until finally, Kris cut through all the games.

"I think what we’re wondering is, if you have a girl here and why?” Kris asked bluntly as the show cut to their "To Be Continued" title card. It looks like fans will have to wait to see if the girls' suspicions turn out to be accurate, and by the look's of next week's promo -- which features Khloe throwing a drink in Scott's face -- it seems they may be onto something.

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