EXCLUSIVE: Anderson Cooper Calls Out Bestie Andy Cohen for His Airport Fashions -- Watch!


Apparently, the library is open for Anderson Cooper.

On the next episode of Andy Cohen’s Then and Now, Cooper decides to read (translated: slam to his face) Cohen’s fashion choices, at least when it comes to what he wears to the airport.

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“[I] do not love a tracksuit,” Cooper starts. “Andy Cohen loves a tracksuit. When you go on a plane, you wear, like, an Ali G tracksuit, one color. Like, you show up in a big, yellow velour tracksuit. It’s basically Juicy Couture. I think you maybe have just ripped off the word ‘Juicy.’”

“Anderson, A) It is only on international flights, because we’re sleeping,” Cohen fires back. “And B) It’s always Adidas. And C) It is an homage to Missy Misdemeanor Elliott. And D) I can sleep… it’s like wearing PJs on the plane!”

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Now, the Missy defense makes sense here. The longtime pals discuss the year 2003 on the next Then and Now.

“I can sleep on the plane, too,” Cooper replies. “In my normal clothes. I don’t need sort of a brightly colored fluorescent outfit that says to everyone on the plane, ‘Look at me! I’m on TV. I’m Andy Cohen.’”

“Sweetie, I was doing it before I was on TV,” Cohen says.

“Oh, no,” Cooper utters. “I have no doubt about that.”

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