Ludacris Surprises His Mom With Amazing Home Makeover for Mother's Day!

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Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
is going all out for Mother's Day this year.

The Fast & Furious star
surprised his mom, Roberta, by secretly renovating her home with a top-down makeover, as a way of thanking her for everything she's done for him.

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In a clip from a new episode of the online series My Houzz, the supportive son opened up about why he decided to give his mom's place a fresh new look.

"This is the first house that I bought when I became commercially successful as the rapper, Ludacris, and I never got rid of it," the 39-year-old entertainer explained. "I've been wanting to do these changes and help my mom out and make sure I make her proud."

Ludacris reached out to interior designer Rachel Oliver, who came up with the idea of making the home "light and bright and more ladylike."

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"We all try to make our mothers proud, and this is one step closer," Ludacris shared. "This will change the way my mom lives in this house, because she's just going to wake up every day with a smile on her face, knowing that her house is complete."

"Every child wants to do everything they can possibly do for their mom to give back an ounce of what their mother has given them," he shared during the episode. "Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!"

Check out Ludacris' heartwarming episode of My Houzz here, to see how his mom reacted to the jaw-dropping home makeover.

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