EXCLUSIVE: Did Sheldon Cheat on Amy in 'Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Finale? Scoop on That Shocking Twist!

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WARNING: We're about to discuss the most jaw-dropping moment of The Big Bang Theory's season 10 finale! If you do not want to know what shocking relationship milestone just happened, then leave now and hop on the nearest plane to New Jersey. For everyone else, prepare to scream and then swoon…

From surprise smooches to unexpected proposals -- it was a huge night on The Big Bang Theory!

During the comedy's season 10 finale, an admirer from Sheldon's past returned with her sights still firmly set on winning over the affections of the oblivious scientist. Despite the gang's words of warning, Sheldon refused to believe that Romina was romantically interested in him -- that is, until she planted a big kiss right on his lips.

A stunned Sheldon politely excused himself from the room, and immediately traveled across the country to Amy's apartment at Princeton. When Amy opened the door, she was shocked to see Sheldon down on one knee with his Meemaw's engagement ring out. "Will you marry me?" he calmly asked.

We know that many of you (like us!) have a million questions right now, so we called up Big Bang executive producer Steve Molaro and asked him all about Sheldon's true intentions for proposing and what a Shamy wedding would look like!

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ET:Big Bang Theory fans know that Sheldon has had that engagement ring for at least two seasons. Why was now finally the time for Sheldon to pop the question to Amy?

We just decided that we should go for it and, obviously, it makes us nervous when we pull the trigger on this kind of stuff, but, in general, that's usually a good sign. If we're nervous that we're doing something, then I think, in general, it matters and it's important that it matters because otherwise it's easy for everything to feel complacent. We're excited and nervous about it in the best way possible. When we got down to writing it, we decided to take our time with that montage of him calmly leaving the office building, and getting in that taxi, and buying a plane ticket, and getting on the plane. I think it was a lovely build up where you don’t quite know what's happening, and it ends with that image when Amy opens the door.

We obviously ended on a huge cliffhanger! Are you planning on picking up exactly where we left off when season 11 premieres later this fall?

I can't say with 100 percent accuracy, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would be upset if we didn’t pick up with that very quickly.


Are you worried that fans might think the catalyst for Sheldon's proposal to Amy was because he was kissed by another woman?

I think it first helped him to realize that Penny and everybody was right about Ramona's intentions and then I think it helped crystallize his feelings a little more for Amy. But yes, it's not an ideal way into it and we'll see what happens.

It seems like, with every relationship milestone between this couple, it's always Sheldon who surprises us with these unexpectedly romantic moments -- Why is that?

I wouldn’t say that it's a conscious decision that it has to be him, but in the cases when it is him, I think it's satisfying because he's trying. You look back to where all seven of these characters started and how far they’ve come and it's really not just Sheldon -- they've all grown in the most beautiful ways. I think it might land a little harder with him because he was the least emotional of all of them, so when it does creep out, I think it's satisfying. But I think that’s a testament to all the characters around him and getting him there. If it wasn’t for Leonard and if it wasn’t for Penny -- who's like this weird, sisterly mom to him -- and everybody else, and of course his relationship with Amy, I don’t think Sheldon on his own would've ever come this far and I think that's the beauty of these characters and this cast.

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Even though we don’t know if Sheldon and Amy are actually going to tie the knot next season, what is one thing you would definitely like to see at their potential wedding?

Boy, I don’t know. It's so far off and it's such another thing that would make us all very nervous, in a good way, in the writers' room. How would we do that? How do we do that in a way that's satisfying or funny or true to the characters? So I can't even imagine to think how we would pull it off.

Perhaps we could do a special wedding broadcast of Fun With Flags?

Those are my favorite! They are so fun to write, but we try not to do them too often. It's tempting to do them, so we try to spread them out a little bit so we don’t get tired of them, but Fun With Flags has really turned into a joy. Even that last one, Behind the Flags: a Retrospective of a Retrospective, we had been talking about Behind the Flags for a while, and I was really excited that we were finally able to do it.

Based off of Amy's past behavior as a bridesmaid, we can only imagine what kind of a bridezilla she will be…

[Laughs] That is true! I bet she’ll have lots of feelings.