Jennifer Aniston Helps Jimmy Kimmel With Hilarious Prank On Husband Justin Theroux's Car -- See the Pic!

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If you ever find yourself in Hollywood, you may run into Justin Theroux. In fact, he'd be pretty hard to miss!

The Leftovers star appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the late-night comedian -- with the help of Theroux's wife, Jennifer Aniston -- threw the 45-year-old actor's name into Emmy contention in just about the most garish way possible.

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"Your wife, Jennifer Aniston, helped me out," Kimmel revealed. "You know that recall notice you got for your car? There’s nothing wrong with the car."

"Because I feel like HBO could be doing a better job of promoting this for you," Kimmel explained, "we had some experts adorn your car in a way that is going to bring you a lot of attention."

As you can see in the photo posted to Theroux's Instagram, "adorn" is an understatement.

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"Never give @jimmykimmel the keys to your car," the actor captioned the pic of his modified ride, which now includes a cartoon rendering of him seemingly shirtless and diving through flames for a coveted Emmy. The side of the car also reads "For your consideration" and "Theroux."

Well... it certainly makes a statement!

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Watch the video below for more.

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