EXCLUSIVE: 'Blindspot' Boss Breaks Down Season 2 Finale Twist, Jane and Weller's Bittersweet Ending


Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s Blindspot.

A new mystery is upon us on Blindspot.

On Wednesday’s action-packed season two finale, titled “Lepers Repel,” Jane (Jaimie Alexander), Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the team successfully foiled Shepherd’s (Michelle Hurd) plan to annihilate Washington, D.C., but failed to capture Roman (Luke Mitchell), who is now roaming the Earth like a man unhinged. After their accomplished mission and with the threat of the team splintering, Jane and Weller finally confronted their feelings for each other -- sharing a sweet moment of bliss, only to have it shattered in a shocking twist.

Two years later, Jane is living like a hermit in the mountains. There’s a sense that she’s been without contact from the team for a while, especially when Weller unexpectedly arrives at her new “home.” “You’re still wearing your ring,” Jane says to Weller (presuming they got married at some point in the two years), who has been searching for her all this time. He’s there not to be reunited with his love (though questions about what transpired between them are raised), but to solve another enigma that requires both of them to team up together.

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“The mystery of how you go from them finally hooking up and saying ‘I love you’ to Jane living on a mountain somewhere is an answer I hope the audience wants us to answer next season and we will in the very first episode,” creator and executive producer Martin Gero exclusively tells ET of the surprising final scene.

“This is a show that runs on secrets for the most part, and we felt like we had gotten to know all of our main characters so well that any bombshell we would drop would seem to come out of left field, so we developed this plan to do a two-year time-cut between season two and season three to allow us to have our characters create a little bit of distance with each other, so they have built up two years of secrets from each other,” he explains. “It’s going to make for an explosive season three.”

ET jumped on the phone with Gero to get the scoop on the season two finale and what this may mean moving forward.

ET: When Weller shows Jane the box and it reveals another layer of tattoos on Jane’s body, was that something you wanted to make sure was still a part of the DNA of the show?

Martin Gero:
Absolutely. We always felt that the original tattoos probably only had two seasons of story in them because part of the thing that’s exciting about them is that they contain prescient information and that starts to feel unbelievable into season three, regardless of how much actual time has passed on the show. It was always the plan to do this refresh between season two and season three of another layer on her body. The fun thing is, and this might be a mild season three spoiler, but the new layer of tattoos does reference the bottom layer of tattoos. It does become a three-dimensional chess game, refreshing the old information while giving new information as well.

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With Jane and Weller getting their happy ending, if only for a finite length of time, how satisfying was that for you to finally get those characters to that place?

It definitely felt like it was leading there, and you don’t want to draw that out for too long on a show like this. It was great to do and I think it makes all the sense. At the end of season two is really the conclusion of one of the big mythology arcs, which is the first round of tattoos, so it feels like an ending in some ways and it made sense for them to hook up finally. They’re definitely apart -- Jane’s been missing for a little bit and it’s taken Weller a long time to find her -- they’re not going to be starting from scratch from season three. The Jeller fans will be real happy with where we take it in the first episode.

There’s a key moment where Jane notices Weller’s wedding ring. Are we to assume that they were at one point married?

I think that would be a good assumption.

You now have two years of missing information. How frequently will you lean on flashbacks to start to fill in those gaps?

We’ll go back to it as much as we went to flashbacks these past two seasons, when it’s narratively relative. We always rather show it than talk about it. Our idea right now for the beginning of season three is to fill in a fair amount of at least the Jeller part of that right at the beginning to contextualize the relationship. There’s going to be a lot of fun moments where [we learn] what all of our characters have been up to in the past two years as it starts to bleed out.

It’s thrown in that Roman is still looming. Is he somebody that will be the Big Bad for season three?

We think we found such a great asset in Luke Mitchell. Roman’s arc was set in stone even before we cast him. This is a way to keep him in the universe and he is kind of the Big Bad for at least the first part of the new season.

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It’s revealed that Zapata, Reed and Patterson were abducted in the two-year time jump, and prior to the twist, many of them were contemplating possibly leaving the team. Will they come to regret sticking together in the long run?

Who said that they stuck together? (Laughs.) What’s really fun about what we’re really doing is it’s going to re-contextualize a lot of the relationships. My promise to you is we’ll get into it in the very first episode back. We really wanted to find new dynamics with the characters that you know and love so it’ll feel new and familiar at the same time.

Are Shepherd and Nas’ arcs done for the time being?

They don’t play a pivotal role in season three.

Anything you can tease about significant new characters we’ll be meeting in season three?

There are a bunch of a new characters for the new season, but we haven’t locked anyone down yet. There’s nothing to discuss quite yet.

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