Alan Thicke's 'Growing Pains' Co-Stars Remember Their Last Days With the Beloved TV Dad: 'We Miss Him'

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Alan Thicke's Growing Pains co-stars are remembering the late actor five months after his death.

Sitting down on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday, Tracey Gold, Joanna Kerns and Jeremy Miller opened up about Thicke's untimely death and their memories of his friendship and legacy.

According to Gold -- who starred as Thicke's on-screen daughter, Carol Seaver, on the hit ABC sitcom -- she had "a really weird moment" the day he died, as if she knew it happened before she heard the news.

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"I found out [that Alan died] in the evening, so I assumed the whole episode of what had happened with him happened in the evening, but I started to read and I realized it all happened around noon," Gold said, recalling that, around noon, she was heading out to meet her husband, Bobby, at his work.

"I started to feel this rush over me. I felt dizzy and that never happens to me. I never get sick," Gold, 48, continued. "But I was like, 'Bobby, I need to sit down … I don't feel well.' I didn’t even think I could get behind the wheel and drive."

Gold said that, after she sat for a few moments, the sensation finally passed, but said that the incident was "a very surreal experience."

"It was too obvious to ignore it," Gold said. "When I thought back on it, that was the exact time [he died.] I don’t know why, I don't know how, but somehow I felt something."

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Kearns -- who played Maggie Seaver, Thicke's on-screen wife on Growing Pains -- said she'll always remember the actor, and their friendship on set.

"We loved him. We were a family," Kearns, 64, shared. " We spent, you know, 10, 12 hours together a day sometimes! Sometimes we were with Alan and each other more than we were with our regular family. But, we miss him. We miss him."

Miller --who starred as Thicke's on-screen son, Ben Seaver -- reflected on his fond memories of spending time with the star while signing autographs in Chicago shortly before his death.

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"Tracey and I got to spend a wonderful day with him," Miller, 40, recounted. "We got to sit there and just talk and tell stories and mess around all day. It was really special."

"I’m working on a new project, and I got to show him and Tracey the one sheet that we had just put together that we were using for our pitch package," he continued. "And, you know, even with everything going on, Alan being Alan, on the phone, doing autographs, selling his book, doing this, working, taking meetings, he still took me aside, talked to me about the show, gave me a little advice."

"That’s just who he was. He was so generous with his time, with his energy," Miller added.

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Thicke died on Dec. 13, 2016, after collapsing while playing hockey with his son, Carter, at a rink in Burbank, California. Thicke was rushed to a hospital, and later died of an aortic dissection. He was 69. For more on the star's life and legacy, watch the video below.

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