'Price Is Right' Contestant Loses It After Breaking Plinko Record -- Watch!

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The Price Is Right had an extra exciting episode on Thursday, when one lucky contestant shattered the Plinko record -- though we're pretty sure he would've been thrilled to just have been on the show.

Contestant Ryan could not contain his excitement when host Drew Carey invited him up onstage, as he ran through the aisles cheering and high-fiving the crowd.

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Ryan then went crazy when he found out he'd be playing the Plinko game, in which contestants drop a chip down a gigantic pinball board to land on a winning sum. "Oh my God!" he yelled when he dropped his first chip on the top amount, $10,000, before landing on $1,000, $10,000, $500, and another $10,000 on his last attempt -- which is when he really lost it.

"Ryan! Ryan!" the crowd cheered as he ran around the stage in shock, hugging the model, Rachel, and freaking out to the camera.

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Twitter quickly reacted to Ryan's winning moment, with one user writing, "Thought Ryan was gonna have a heart attack!"

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Ryan isn't the only one to freak out on The Price is Right. Modern Family star Julie Bowen could not keep it together when she stopped by the show in February for Celebrity Charity week. 

See more in the video below.