It's a 'Pretty Little Liars' Engagement! But Who Popped the Question: Haleb or Emison?

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WARNING: We're about to recap the most romantic moment from this week's
Pretty Little Liars. If you do not want to know who got down on one knee, leave now! For everyone else, pop the champagne and read on…

Wedding bells are ringing in Rosewood!

On this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, our shipper hearts swooned with delight when one of our all-time favorite couples officially took that next step in their relationship.

Say congratulations to…

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Caleb and Hanna!

Caleb made his intentions to marry Hanna clear when Ashley Marin questioned his involvement with her daughter. "I can't imagine a life without Hanna.  I don't want to. I want to marry your daughter, Mrs. Marin. No bells and whistles, just the two of us exchanging vows, and finally make this official," Caleb declared.

Caleb got his wish later in the episode, when Hanna showed up to meet him in a tent (HALEB THROWBACK FEELS!) and asked if he was serious about taking the next step. He was, and Hanna was ready with makeshift rings made out of cigar labels.


EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Benson on Hanna's 'Happy' 'Pretty Little Liars' Ending and A.D.'s' 'Fun' Identity

Back in April, PLLstar Ashley Benson dished to ET that Hanna would be "very happy" at the end of the series -- and now we finally know why!

"I can't say much because it's going to ruin it," she teased to our cameras at Freeform's 2017 upfront presentation in New York City. "But yes, I think fans are going to be happy with Hanna['s journey]. I am."

So what do fans need to know before tuning into the final three episodes of Pretty Little Liars? "At the end of the season, you'll finally know who A is," Benson promised. "I would say pay a lot of attention to specific details, little details and scenes with every character. Really kind of analyze them because you can probably figure it out if you look close enough."

The 27-year-old actress admitted that she was "completely shocked" when she discovered the truth behind A.D.'s mysterious identity. "I was like, 'Wait -- what?! Like, how is that possible?' And then it was just so fun to hear because I was like, 'The fans are really going to enjoy this.'"

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Listen up, Little Liars!

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