EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Janel Parrish Explains How A.D. Will be Revealed, Dishes on Mona's Fate

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There are only three episodes left of Pretty Little Liars and the reveal of A.D.’s identity in the series finale is sure to be a must-see moment.

Janel Parrish
stopped by the ET studios on Wednesday for a live episode of our PLL aftershow, The Rosewood Rundown, where we had to ask her all about the highly-anticipated scene.

When asked if A.D. reveals his/herself to the girls or if the girls figure it out on their own, Parrish revealed it’s “kind of all of that at once, which is what makes it so brilliant.”

“You know how a bunch of things happen at the same time? The audience is seeing it happen, but people are figuring it out on their own while you're watching it? You’re watching it happen as an audience and you're like 'Oh! She just figured it out, she just figured it out, they just figured it out, this reveal is happening!’ That's what's going to happen," she said.

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The 28-year-old actress assured us there will be an explanation after the big reveal, echoing co-star Brendan Robinson’s sentiments.

“[A.D.] gets revealed and then it gets explained which is what I like,” she said. “Once you start getting all the pieces kind of put together, you start to realize that there were hints and trails and everything just kind of clicks. That’s that moment that you’re like, ‘Genius, that was genius.’”

Parrish also said the moment is “emotional” and confirmed Mona is indeed in the finale.


“I don’t know if this finale is like any other finale we’ve ever had,” she further teased. “It’s laced with homages to the cast, to the writers, to the fans who have been there since the very beginning. It’s beautiful, it’s funny, its bittersweet and yes, there are answers but it’s all just kind of interwoven together to make this beautiful gift for the fans.”

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Of course, rumors have been swirling online about whether Mona dies – Janel played coy on that, joking that’s a “million dollar question.”

“I mean, yeah, that’s always, you know, who is going to die in Rosewood? People die, people come back... I mean, I’ve been dead already… you’ll just have to wait and see!”

Parrish also weighed in on that final Mona scene in this week’s episode – explaining why it seemed like her apartment looked like a lair.

“She's smart, right -- she needs to see everything up. She put all the pieces together, so I think everybody that's on her board, you know, it all has to do with who is A.D. I’ve been asked to help play this game and figure out all the little pieces of it. Is there some shady business going on? Maybe… but I think from [Wednesday’s episode] you guys can kind of be your own detective and see what you think... I think she's just trying to play the game."

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Does that mean Mona will get a turn with the board game?

“Well, let’s just say that the darkness of the board game starts to bring out a little bit of a darkness in Mona,” Parrish teased. “I think you’ll start to see over these next few episodes [that] it does take a little turn in Mona, in a way... You'll see!”

The final hint we’ll share is that the snapchat of Janel rocking some motion-capture dots is no coincidence!

Does that mean "Avat-Aria" calls Mona?! Or, is it a "Monatar?"

“Well, if it’s a 'Monatar’ then Mona would have to be directly talking to A.D., which would be interesting… I mean I’m not going to confirm or deny what my motion capture was for, but yes, it was motion capture.”

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Parrish says that episode hasn’t aired yet – adding that her favorite Mona episode ever is the penultimate ep.

“I think [Mona] lets her guard down in some ways and you start to learn a little bit more about her and why she is the way she is. It’s fun to see,” she said.

Check out the full FB Live with Janel Parrish here or watch the video above for all the highlights. 

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