EXCLUSIVE: 'RHOP' Stars Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan Have Epic Shade-Throwing Showdown at Sea!


The drama goes down on Sunday night on Bravo.

The Real Housewives of Potomac
hit the high seas on Sunday night -- and bring high drama!

ET has your exclusive first look at Sunday night’s episode, which finds Karen Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan in an epic war of words.

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“Charrisse lives for a good Karen fight,” Gizelle Bryant coos in a confessional. “Trust and believe. Loves it!”

Apparently, Charrisse isn’t very happy with how Karen has treated her while the ladies are on their all-cast trip in Bermuda. But Charrisse didn’t confront Karen about it. Instead, she confided in co-star Ashley Darby, who turned around and told Karen.

“So, Ashley just shared that you were hurt that the entire group was not included,” Karen starts.

“Alright, are you gonna stop talking?” Charrisse cuts her off.

“Oh, Charrisse,” Karen replies. “If you were offended how I executed it today, I apologize, and that’s all I have to say.”

“That’s weak,” Charrisse says under her breath.

“Weak?!” Karen exclaims. “Oh my god, you are amazing. You want drama, but this is beneath me … I did a fantastic event, and you’re doing an OK job right now.”

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“Hush up and move off of me!” she adds in a confessional. “It’s obvious that Charrisse has a lot going on with her marriage. I’m not your solution, sweetheart. You need to deal with your real issues.”

Cut back to the boat, and Charrisse tells Karen to jump off of it as she turns away from the conversation.

“Charrisse, you’re running,” Karen calls out. “Stand here like a woman and finish it, so we can bury this.”

“This is a waste of my time,” Charrisse replies. “You need therapy.”

“You would know best,” Karen fires back. “I’mma pay you in dust and leave you here like the dusty b***h that you were acting like.”

“On that note, Karen, I think I spent more money on this boat than your net worth,” Charrisse finishes.

To see what happens next, tune into The Real Housewives of Potomac on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. In the meantime, check out ET’s interview with Karen, Gizelle and Monique Samuels in the video below.