EXCLUSIVE: Oprah Winfrey Asks Sheryl Sandberg How She Handles 'Great Loss' in Touching 'Super Soul Sunday'

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from Sunday's episode of the OWN series.

Grief is a tricky thing.

On Sunday's episode of Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey sits down with Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg to discuss the death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, in May 2015, and how she's become stronger through dealing with life's challenges.

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"Often when somebody has gone through a great loss, we just don't know what to say. And so what happens is you end up saying nothing, you end up doing nothing because you don't want to remind the person of their grief," Winfrey says in ET's exclusive sneak peek. "There's nothing anybody can say that's going to cause you to remember that you've lost your loved one. It's always there."

"And it's always there for other people, too. You can't remind me that I lost Dave," Sandberg adds. "Big hardships, these challenges -- they're always with us. But we often don't say anything and I understand this because I always did it. If someone in my life [was] going through something hard, usually the first time I saw them, I would say 'I'm sorry,' and then I wouldn't bring it up again because I didn't want to remind them."

Winfrey and Sandberg went on to reveal why they often ask someone who's dealing with loss how they're doing -- a question they say sometimes isn't asked because of fear over how to deal with the response.

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"If you say 'not great,' nobody knows what to do with that. They're like, 'Oh god, I knew I shouldn't have brought it up,' as though me asking the question caused you to be not great," Winfrey says. Watch the exclusive clip above.

Super Soul Sunday
with Sheryl Sandberg airs Sunday at 11 a.m. ET/PT on OWN.

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