EXCLUSIVE: 'AGT' Winner Grace VanderWaal Gets Her Dream Treehouse on 'Treehouse Masters' -- Get the Scoop!

Animal Planet

The 13-year-old singer-ukeleleist and host Pete Nelson talk to ET about their exciting new project that's been months in the making.

Grace VanderWaal is getting her wish granted!

Months after the America's Got Talent winner revealed her dream of having "a sick treehouse," the 13-year-old wunderkind -- who captivated America in 2016 with her sultry voice and ukelele skills -- is finally seeing it come to fruition. VanderWaal will appear on an episode of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters, where she'll see her ultimate treehouse built from the ground up, ET has exclusively learned.

Production on VanderWaal's episode (and treehouse) began in New York on Tuesday, but the adorable teen and Treehouse Masters host Pete Nelson took some time out of their busy day to speak exclusively to ET about the exciting project.

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"My treehouse vision was very distressed, very antique-looking -- really just cozy, so I will want to spend all my time in my treehouse," VanderWaal said of her design. Though she told ET back in September that she wanted "zip lines" and "bridges," that ambitious plan has been tweaked slightly. "It’s changed a bit since I’ve learned more about treehouses. I’m not going to have any zip lines, but I will have bridges."

VanderWaal's list of non-negotiables includes just one thing ("an outhouse!"), and she hopes her finished treehouse will be a place for her "to escape and relax," where she can eat, write and do "everything" in. "I grew up with so many trees in my backyard, I love being outside but I also like being inside, and a treehouse is the perfect outside-inside house," she said.

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As for her dream celebrity guest she’d love to invite? It wasn't even a debate: Ariana Grande. "I'm the biggest Arianator ever!"

For Nelson, who has hosted Treehouse Masters since 2013, translating VanderWaal's personal style "is one of the more enjoyable parts of my job -- to try and get in people's heads and find out what their dream looks like and interpret that," he told ET. "When I heard Grace describe her treehouse, it just became real in my own imagination."

One unique thing about VanderWaal's design was that she didn't want everything to be on the same level. "We are going to have some fun in the treehouse loft with the window angles and a few other surprises," Nelson promised. "It’s refreshing to hear a 13-year-old know what she wants and keep with the treehouse aesthetic of simple and simplistic, and I love that.”

Treehouse Masters returns Friday, Aug. 4 on Animal Planet.