Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon Play Doctor in Hilarious New 'Mad Lib Theater'


Kristen Wiig
has proven her acting chops time and again in hilarious comedic roles and powerful dramas -- but on Wednesday, she faced one of the toughest challenges of all -- the Tonight Show's "Mad Lib Theater."

The Despicable Me 3 star joined host Jimmy Fallon for a new installment in the hilarious series, which started off with Wiig providing a slew of random, out-of-context words to fill in the blanks in an unknown Mad Libs script, which she and Fallon would then act out.

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As it turns out, this week's scene took place in a doctor's office, with Fallon cast as a sick patient and Wiig playing a physician who has the unfortunate job of delivering some bad news.

"We just finished processing your tests, and unfortunately, the results are swirling," Wiig's Dr. Mackerel explained with deadpan perfection. "Your blood pressure is 59 over 2 and our X-rays found a canoe in your Achilles heel."

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Despite the absurdity of the gibberish-infused script, Wiig (mostly) managed to power through the scene with her stellar sketch comedy timing. Sentences like, "It appears that you have a rare condition known as Fluffy Platypus disease," were no problem for her.

The same couldn't be said for Fallon, who barely kept from cracking up in the first moments of the scene, and eventually broke down into full-blown gales of laughter as Wiig managed to maintain her straight-faced performance like a pro.

In December, Chris Pratt joined Fallon for a Christmas-themed "Mad Lib Theater," and the Guardians of the Galaxy star knocked it out of the park. Check out the video below to see the hilarious sketch.

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