'Big Brother' Contestant Megan Lowder Explains Why She Left the Show Early


Megan Lowder has left Big Brother.

The 28-year-old dog walker decided to leave season 19 of the reality show early due to suffering from PTSD, caused from when she served in the Navy.

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In an interview with The Desert Sun, posted on Friday, Lowder reveals that during her time in the armed force she was sexually assaulted.

"When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it," she revealed. "So in the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time."

Only two episodes have aired of season 19, but Lowder found herself in an argument with another contestant, Josh Martinez, who called her a "snake" and "bully." The Arizona native was also involved in another altercation where she falsely accused a contestant of making a racist remark towards another member of the house.

"I could have heard wrong," she explained. "It’s entirely possible, but I was already talking to them about wanting to leave before that and so at that point I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore and I went into the diary room where I started having a panic attack and they wound up taking me to the hospital a couple hours later."

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But Lowder doesn't attribute those events as reasons to why she decided to leave.

"I did have fun," she shared. "I had a great time until all that just got the best of me. It was my own issues that lead to everything; it wasn’t anyone else’s fault. Without my stuff going on I probably could have handled things very, very differently and been fine but I just couldn’t."

Lowder's last appearance on Big Brother will be this Sunday. For more on the latest season, watch below.