'Stranger Things' Season 2 Release Date Revealed -- See the New Poster!


Something wicked this way comes...

Stranger Things
will return to Netflix with its highly anticipated season two on Oct. 27. In the new teaser poster, released on Tuesday, the core cast are gathered together on their bikes as they stare into a deep red sky featuring the Demogorgon.

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The new season will be set in 1984, a year after the first season took place, and will include nine new episodes and four new characters, including Max, portrayed by Sadie Sink, and her brother, Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery.

Last month, ET caught up with The Duffer Brothers, the show’s producers, where they revealed details about a new villain.

"We really wanted a human villain this year," they said of Billy. "We always talk about Stephen King, but he always has… the human villains are often scarier than the monsters, so we wanted to introduce a human character who will scare the crap out of you." 

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"We've always kinda had that Stephen King kinda model where you have your supernatural threats, but you've got your human threats as well. Dacre's character, Billy, is definitely in that column,” executive producer and director Shawn Levy told ET.

"Let's put it this way, it's definitely spookier, scarier and bigger in its action, in spectacle," he revealed. "But I'm also quick to add, because so many people have talked about dark season two, it is still these characters that we love… because we're not Stranger Things if we don't root for these innocent, broken and not quite, you know, fitting into any mold characters. That applies to our kids, who are like magic, and our teenagers, who are trying to find their way."

"So, season two is darker, but season two is very much still about us following this ensemble of characters through their challenges and their lives," he added.

For more on Strangers Things watch the video below.

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