'America's Got Talent': 13-Year-Old Singer Gets Golden Buzzer After Touching Audition Gave Judges 'Goosebumps'

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On Tuesday's America's Got Talent, a 13-year-old singer named Angelina Green blew the judges away with her powerful voice and her deeply emotional backstory about how she found solace in singing.

When the young AGT hopeful took the stage, she was beaming from ear to ear as she introduced herself to the judges, but the excited performer soon got choked up when asked why she got interested in music.

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"When I was little, one day my dad just left and he never came back," Green shared in a pre-taped package. "We were left with nothing. We would get eviction notices. I remember overhearing my mom on the phone with the homeless shelters. She was afraid we would end up on the streets, and it was just really scary for us."

"That’s when music helped me. It was my own little world that I could go to whenever I needed," she continued "I would sing and all my sadness and troubles, they would all go away."

For her audition, Green performed a powerful cover of The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You," showcasing her impressive vocal range and captivating emotionality.

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The powerhouse performance brought the judges and the audience to their feet with a chorus of applause and cheers, and Green couldn't contain her tears of joy as she basked in the celebratory reaction to her performance.

"If you move somebody emotionally, that’s the best thing music can do, and that's what you just did," Howie Mandel said after her audition.

"I can feel this is overwhelming for you, right?" Mel B asked Green, who nodded in agreement. "When you watch this back, you're gonna know how much of an amazing job you just did. Considering all the nerves and everything else, you were really good, so just take in this moment. That was great."

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Simon Cowell was equally effusive, telling Green, "This is one of my favorite auditions of the day. You made my goosebumps get goosebumps."

"The truth is, we don't get many people like you for a reason. It's because they are hard to find, and genuinely I am excited because I think you are a really, really, really talented person," Cowell added.

But the judge who seemed most touched by Green's talent was Heidi Klum. "To me, it feels like there's an old soul inside of that little 13-year-old body, and I really loved it," Klum shared. "I loved it so much I'm going to hit the golden buzzer."

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As the judge slammed her hand on the buzzer and golden confetti rained down on the stage, the young singer was brought to tears and was joined on stage for an emotional embrace with her mother, who had been breathlessly watching her audition from the wings.

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