EXCLUSIVE: Aisha Tyler Opens Up About 'Tough' Decision to Leave 'The Talk' and Her Most Memorable Moment

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Aisha Tyler's time on The Talk is coming to a close!

ET's Kevin Frazier sat down with the longtime host last week, where she opened up about her six years on The Talk, and how difficult of a decision it was for her to leave the series.

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"Oh God, It was so tough!" Tyler revealed. "It wasn't a decision that was made over night. I mean, I was on the show for six years... It's been such a transformative six years for me and all of us."

Tyler tearfully announced her decision to leave The Talk in June, revealing that she had just become too busy to continue with the CBS talk show on its upcoming eighth season. Tyler is a series regular on Criminal Minds, hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and voices a character on Archer. She's also the creator of a new cocktail line, Courage + Stone, and has been focusing on directing.

"So many things have happened in that period of time. Wedding and babies and separations and divorces, and so much of what I've gone through, I've gone through with those women," Tyler told ET of working with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood. "I was torn between my family and my dreams. I thought, 'Am I going to defer those dreams?'"

Tyler also went through a public battle with IVF, and said that revealing that she and then-husband Jeff Tietjens decided to stop trying to have children was one of her most memorable moments on The Talk.

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"When I came out with my decision not to continue with IVF, I got a lot of letters from people who were everywhere from still trying, to had stopped trying, just thanking me," Tyler recalled. "I wanted people to know that their choices were valid, that there isn't just one way to live your life. There isn't one way forward with a family."

"For most people who go through IVF, they don't get pregnant, and people feel a lot of shame about it," she continued. "[I wanted to] validate the people that didn't get the miracle, and to tell them that they're not alone, and to tell them that this one narrative is not everybody's narrative, and that's OK. It was really important to me."

"I chose not to keep continuing to try to have kids, and it was it was the right decision for me. I don't regret it," Tyler said. "I don't look back and think, 'Man, I wish I had stuck with it at all.' I wanted other people to know that it was okay to feel that way about their choices as well."

And the end of the day, Tyler said being able to share her personal accomplishments and struggles with viewers is what made the show so special.

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"The whole premise of the show for six years was us sharing ourselves with our audience, and trying to be as forthcoming as we could, and sometimes you don't want to do it!" she confessed. "But there was always this incredible relief, and the things that made it so easy was feeling so supported at that table."

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