Westeros Weekly: Breaking Down the Biggest 'Game of Thrones' Moments, Plus Exclusive Answers From Kit Haringto


Winter is here -- and so is ET's new Game of Thrones after-show, Westeros Weekly!

Each Monday, ET's Leanne Aguilera and Ash Crossan will be breaking down the latest episode's most shocking moments (Hey there, Ed Sheeran!) and debuting exclusive interviews with your favorite Game of Thrones stars and celebrity super fans.

This week, Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, is the first to answer our signature Wildfire Fast Five speed round of questions, and reveals his pick for who really deserves to rule the Iron Throne. (Warning: His answer will definitely surprise you!)

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Wildfire Fast Five With Kit Harington

1. Who's your favorite GoT character? (You can't say your own!)

KH: Bronn.

2. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?

Michelle Fairley [as] Catelyn Stark.

3. What would you like to see your character accomplish before he/she dies?

Umm… just like a bit of a big smile. A big smile [for Jon Snow.]

4. Which unlikely team-up would you like to see before the end of the series?

Grey Worm and Brienne [of Tarth.]

5. At this point in the show, which character do you think deserves to sit on the Iron Throne by the end of the series?

I'm not sure anyone deserves to. I think that's the problem with the Iron Throne -- no one actually deserves it. [But if I had to pick,] Tyrion.

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